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What Does Your Wedding Guestbook Say About You?

The key to a unique guestbook is to do a little soul searching, a real chance to signify something that is truly unique to the both of you, something that tells your guests something about you as a couple. It’s all too easy to pop to your local craft shop and find something that’s already been put together but being able to create something unique is a great and fun way to enjoy some time together as a couple on the run up to your big day and create something special and memorable that will last you a lifetime.

For the travelling couple: Why not consider making a guest book using pages from an old Atlas to show the special places you’ve visited as a couple. Not only will it contain memories for you but it will give your guests a real insight into the places you’ve travelled together. You could even intermingle a few photos from each of your holidays to really bring this guestbook to life. To really add a little sparkle to this idea, why not put props on the tables, for example, a Mexican hat, a USA flag, a French moustache and some disposable cameras and have your guests take selfies that you can pop in your guest book after your big day?

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For the spiritual couple: Why not use pages from the bible that contain passages of scripture that have meaning for you? For those getting married in a church or those that have a religious background, it’s likely that many of your guests may be from your church. You could ask your guests to write some of their favourite scriptures that may impart advice or guidance for you as you set out on your marked life together. They may even choose to circle passages of text in your bible guest book that will serve as their special message for you both.

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For the partying couple: Being the partying couple, nothing has to be as boring as a book right? Well we agree! Why not have a rack full of your favourite and empty spirit bottles and a whole bunch of scrolls for your guests to write on? Your guests can leave you a message in a bottle and you can seal this with some cork and keep it in your cellar for life. You may even choose to open a message in a bottle on each of your anniversaries to make this last a lifetime and really keep the magic alive.

For the sporty couple: Whether it be rugby, football, tennis or any other kind of sport, we’ve all heard of a sports shirt. You could choose your favourite number, favourite player and lay the shirt out on a table. Get your guests to leave all their well wishing messages on the shirt which you can have framed in a gorgeous frame and hung in your new family home for many years to come. Each day, you’ll be reminded of the lovely messages your guests left you and it will likely blend with the rest of your sports memorabilia at home.

For the literary couple: A vintage wedding might call for a vintage guestbook. Why not get an old typewriter, some old typewriter paper and have your guests type their messages in this unique, fun and engaging way. You can then frame or even bind these pages into a beautiful book that you can display on your family home book shelf.

For the couple building their new home from scratch: This one really is out of the box thinking. Why not have a pile of bricks with some permanent markers and have your guests write messages on the side of each brick? You can use these bricks to build one of your new walls and leave this exposed in your house for all to see. If that’s a little too off the radar for you then why not use the bricks of a Jenga game and keep this as a fun family activity for the future so you can always be reminded of the lovely messages your guests left you.

For the gaming couple: This is a little along the lines of our Jenga theme but if you love your games then why not have a scrabble board, a snakes and ladders board or a monopoly board and have your guests write their messages on this? A game board truly unique to you and one that will be great fun to play too!

Finally, for the musical couple: Why not get a whole bunch of music sheets from songs that are unique to you as a couple, or for a modern edge, the CD cases of your favourite music and have your guests leave their messages on these? A great display in a CD rack that will remind you of those sweet sentiments every time you reach for your favourite tune.

So, there you have it, some amazing ways to reflect your individual characters through your wedding guestbook. 

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