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10 Tips For The Best Wedding Morning

1. Turn your phone off 

This is the one morning you want to sit back, relax and be taken care of. Let your bridesmaids deal with any last minute details and trust that they will resolve any issues that arise.  

2. Give yourself enough time 

Estimate how long it’ll take you to get ready and then double it. You want your morning to be stress free so allow enough time to have breakfast, get your hair and make up done, play games and take photos. 

3. Have a nutritious and healthy breakfast 

You don’t want to be running around stressing about everything on the morning you get married so take some time out to sit down with your bridesmaids and have a leisurely breakfast. 

4. Stay hydrated 

Your wedding day is going to be a busy one and staying hydrated may be last on your agenda so at breakfast, make sure you drink enough to keep you hydrated throughout the day. 

5. Book an incredible suite to get ready in 

This is a must as there’ll be lots of photos the photographer will want to take as you get ready. Make sure the room is spacious as may well be a lot of people in there. 

6. Make sure everyone knows what they’re wearing 

If you want everyone in matching robes whilst you’re all getting ready, make sure everyone knows in advance. Most robes button up which is a perfect thing to wear whilst getting your hair and make up done, it means you can undress without smudging your make up or ruining your hair. 

7. Keep the room tidy 

Make sure everyone knows the importance of keeping the room tidy. With so many people getting ready in one room, it can easily get messy but you don’t want to have to delay the photographer to tidy up piles of clothes and make up. Not only that, things can easily get misplaced or lost and the last thing you want to do is lose the rings. Keep everything clean and tidy so you know where everything is. 

8. Create a great atmosphere 

Your wedding morning should be full of laughter so whether you do funny poses for the photographer or have a couple of games set out to pass the time, make sure you have something on hand to make you all laugh. Not only will this set your day off on the right footing but it’ll create long lasting memories for you and your bridesmaids. 

9. Snack 

Mid morning or lunchtime (depending on what time you’re getting married) make sure there are plenty of snacks on hand to avoid anyone feeling light headed after all the running around. This will give you, the bride, energy to kick start your day and the wedding party will really appreciate it. 

10. Enjoy it 

Wedding planning can be stressful but the morning of your wedding, you want to totally switch off and trust that your vendors (with the help of your bridesmaids) will be able to pull it off. Even if there is a slight hiccup, don’t let it affect you. After all, you don’t want to let a minor detail ruin your day. You want to look back on your wedding day with fondness despite the mishaps. 

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