Wedding Hair Accessories You’ll Love!

Bridal hair accessories

We are so excited to bring you our top picks of wedding hair accessories. With such a variety to choose from, from veils, to tiara’s to birdcages and much more! We hope to make the choice an easy one for you!

1. Jeweled Veil

We absolutely love this veil complete with a stunning jeweled head piece available on Etsy. Perfect for pulling off that classic look.

wedding flowers

2. Jeweled Head Piece

This unique jeweled head piece clips perfectly into place and drapes over the hair so elegantly.

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bridal accessories

3. Floral headpieces

These are perfect for the summer weddings. We love this headpiece available on Etsy, there’s so many subtle colours hidden amongst it.

wedding hair accessories

4. Flower Crown

If an array of colours is what you’re looking for, why not try a floral head piece in your choice of colours that compliments your outfit perfectly. We absolutely love this white sage and eucalyptus flower crown available on Etsy.

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wedding flower crown

5. Clip Ins

If you’re more for the subtle look or are thinking about doing your hair yourself, why not use a simple clip in accessory. This one in particular catches the light perfectly as it is just so pretty and what’s more, available now on Etsy.

6. Position It In The Best Place

Have you thought about where to position your headpiece? Stand out from the rest and tuck it underneath your up do for a unique and original look. Available on Etsy.

Wedding hair accessories

7. Floral Headpiece

This floral headpiece entwined in the hair gives off a really laid back and relaxed feel. Perfect for a bohemian styled wedding.

flower hair accessories

8. Floral Crowns

This floral crown has a perfectly princessy feel to it. It exudes elegance and class and is so unique and different. Perfect for a summer wedding.

flower crown hair accessories

9. Lace

This headpiece consists of lace, pearls, beads, jewels, diamantes and so much more! Simply clipping onto the hair, it looks like so much effort has gone into creating this look.

 10. The Comb

The detail on this comb is just amazing. It simply slots into your hair to give it this overall look. Available on Etsy.


11. Entwined Head Piece

We love this headpeice intertwined amongst lots of loose curls.

12. Gold Head Piece

Place a gold leafy headpiece to one side of your head, backcomb the hair a little and you will transform a simple up do. This headpiece is available from Etsy and really adds another dimension to your overall look.

13. A Themed Head Piece

This headband reminds us of the great gatsby. Perfect for a themed wedding.

14. Boho Head Piece

Why not drape a headpiece over your hairline and let it frame your face. This headpiece on Etsy will make for both stunning and eloquent photos.

unique wedding hair accessories

15. A Unique Headband

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with everything that’s unique, different and original but we think this stunning headband on Etsy is one of the best so far! The great thing about this as opposed to a veil is that you can wear it again and again as it’s not strictly a bridal accessory! Why not get something that lasts you a lifetime!

16. And One For The Bridesmaids …

Why not get a headpiece for each of your bridesmaids to complete the overall look. It’ll make for amazing wedding photos and they’re bound to feel like a million bucks! We love these headpieces on Etsy.

flower wedding hair accessories

So there you have it, our top wedding hair accessories. Nowadays, anything goes so be as creative and as crazy as you want.

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