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Wedding Games For The Reception Party

wedding reception games

So you’ve gracefully taken your steps down the aisle, married the man of your dreams and it’s reached that time in the day when you can kick off your heels and enjoy the celebration with your guests. Maybe you have a live band in mind? Or a DJ? Maybe a magician or cabaret entertainer? All very good examples of entertainment but what if the party is back home? Maybe in the garden or maybe you have the luxury of large lawns available at your chosen venue? Why not really relax the atmosphere and ramp up the fun with some wedding reception games. The kids and kidults can all enjoy and take part.

A Picnic In The Park Wedding Reception

Now if it’s a Christmas wedding you’re having, you may have to take these indoors but either way, it’s a great opportunity to have your guests really interact on your big day.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga can have as many players as you like. Hiring life size versions of this game is relatively inexpensive and great fun.

Giant Twister

Maybe a little more hands on but an excellent way to drum up a bit of fun and get everyone laughing and interacting.

Other Wedding Reception Games

Life size Connect 4, bowls and giant chess are also great choices and also very inexpensive to hire.

8 Tips To Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Vintage themed weddings

Why not transport your guests back in time to a vintage village fete and play things like hoopla or beat the buzzer. The Traditional Fairground Company, based in Mid Wales, has a huge variety of fairground side stall games, juvenile rides, funfair props and fun foods meaning that if you’ve dreamt of a village fete style wedding then they should be your first and last port of call.

The idea behind all this is that occasionally throughout the day there are gaps, moments of downtime or inactivity for your guests (examples might be waiting for the wedding party to arrive at the venue, waiting for the wedding breakfast to be served, waiting for the photos to be taken, the evening set up being put in place) these moments can be filled with a bit of fun and laughter for your guests and more importantly, it gets everyone interacting. It breaks down the ‘who’s that over there? Bride or grooms side? And gets everyone talking and mingling. So give it a try! You’ll not regret it and you guests will be talking about it for years to come!

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