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Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Use

wedding favours guests will use

Working at FYW, I have the very exciting job of networking with brides to be. Recently though, I’ve received many posts from brides saying that they’re not having wedding favours because no one uses them. Personally, I love receiving wedding favours and would hate to see this tradition diminish so today’s blog post covers how to find wedding favours your guests will actually use. 


#1 Give your guests something they can’t refuse 

Most wedding favours typically cost between £1 – £5 so why not give them a lottery ticket or scratch card as a wedding favour? If nothing else, this will be a bit of fun and will get everyone talking and laughing at their tables.  

#2 Create A keepsake

I once attended a wedding where after the ceremony had taken place, they took down all the hanging hearts and handed them to all the guests. It was such a lovely idea and to this day, I still have it hanging from my bedroom door.  

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#3 Consider something practical

Think about where you’ll be tying the knot because you could offer something that your guests will get a lot of use out of. For example, if your venue is outside and doesn’t finish until late in the evening, you could provide blankets and throws for your guests to keep them warm. Alternatively, if you’re getting married at the height of summer, you could provide your guests with fans so they can keep cool. Better yet, you can pick up stylish sunglasses for as little as £1. 

#4 Double up the entertainment

Hand out sparklers for your wedding favours, not only will they be used but it will keep your guests entertained. Favours such as these also create a great talking point between guests. 

#5 Keep it sweet

Edible wedding favors are sure to please your guests! Why not give them a midnight snack pack to enjoy for when they retire back to their hotel rooms. Personally, I love this idea! 

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6. Go DIY

The great thing about anything homemade is that you can be as creative as you like and your guests are going to love it because anything homemade is personal but don’t think you have to be brimming with talent to create anything homemade. If you know your guests are big drinkers, you could make something simple, like hangover kits. Fill bags with mini water bottles, paracetamol, chocolate, coffee, vitamins and chewing gums. Your guests will think this is an ingenious idea and will be sure to thank you once the paracetamol has kicked in. 

You don’t need to break the bank in order to provide cracking wedding favours your guests will love. Just think outside the box and I’m sure they will be greatly received. 

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