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Unique Guestbook Ideas

A guestbook is an amazing way to remember who attended your special day but in reality, how often does a guestbook get pulled out and looked at? Here at Fund Your Wedding, we’ve compiled a list of alternative guest books, some of which can be hung on a wall, used as an ornament, or become part of the furniture. A guestbook should be a keepsake for you both to cherish forever and have you ever thought about what your guest book might say about you?

1. Jigsaw Puzzle Guestbook – etsy

We absolutely love this sentiment ‘Without you, our puzzle isn’t complete.’ What a great way to make your guests feel appreciated and valued. Your friends and family will have so much fun signing parts of the jigsaw and fitting it all together. Once it’s complete, you can frame it and hang it proudly on a wall so you can be reminded of the happy memories every day for the rest of your lives.

2. Vinyl Disc Guestbook

If you’re big into your music, why not have your guests sign an old vinyl disc. These look amazing framed on a wall and to make it even more special, you could even have them sign a vinyl that consists of your first dance song. You can find frames specially designed for vinyl, including album covers, here.

vinyl guestbook

3. Signed Furniture

Why not have your guests sign part of the furniture. You can have the ink sealed so that it doesn’t come off and can keep it indoors or outdoors to remember your special day.

wedding guestbook table

4. Vintage Dictionary Wedding Guestbook

We love this alternative guestbook. Why not transform an old dictionary (try world of books) into a book that holds your nearest and dearests words of wisdom. They can circle a word and state why they chose that word for you. This is something that will certainly stand out from the rest of your books on a bookshelf.

Vintage Dictionary Wedding Guestbook

5. Vintage Keys

Again, we love this sentiment, why not get your guests to leave you some marriage advice. There will come a point where you’ll really appreciate their words of wisdom so this is a lovely little keepsake.

Vintage Key Guestbook

6. Post Box

If you’re the traveling type why not get your guests to leave you a message on a postcard. And while we’re talking about travel, have you considered honeymoon destinations yet?

Postcard Wedding Guestbook

7. Message In A Bottle

Why not have your guests write something for you to open on your one year anniversary. A lot happens in a year so it’ll be nice to sit down and reminisce on your special day.

Message in a Bottle Guestbook

8. Driftwood

Something like this would look amazing hung on a wall and is a constant reminder of your wedding day so why not ask your guests to sign something as simple as a piece of driftwood.

Driftwood Wedding Guestbook

9. Bucket List Journal (etsy)

If you’re a couple of adventurers, why not ask your guests to complete a bucket list for you. This will be a constant reminder of your special day and it sets you up for a rollercoaster of a ride and many more memories to come.

Bucket List Wedding Guestbook

10. Literal Guest Log

Someone took a guest log quite literally but thank God they did because this is such an amazing keepsake and can be placed proudly on a wall for you to reminisce on those treasured memories.

11. Wine Bottle Guestbook

If you enjoy a glass or two of wine, why not ask your guests to sign a bottle (or two.) You can look forward to opening it and celebrating on your first years anniversary. They also make for great photo’s and the bottles can be reused once opened, as candle holders, coin jars, or to plant some houseplants.

wine bottle guestbooks

12. An Adventure Book

This Disney Inspired Adventure Book is amazing for couples who like to adventure. Why not ask your guests to add ideas, adventures, and places to travel so you continue making happy memories for many more years to come.

13. A Globe Guestbook

For the travelers, why not ask your guests to sign a globe. This would make an amazing house ornament and it would be truly unique and original. Try Just Globes for a huge choice of sizes and styles.

globe wedding guestbook

14. A Video Guestbook

For those of you who are more likely to sit down and watch a DVD rather than pull down a guestbook, why not ask your guests to record a video to help you remember your special day. After the big day, you could even send it to all those who attended.

15. Pebbles

These personalised pebbles look amazing stacked up in a glass jar and used as an ornament. For years to come you can pull them out at random and remember back to your special day.

pebble guestbooks

16. Fingerprint Tree Art (etsy)

Why not ask your guests to dip their fingers into paint and make their mark, this is something that will look amazing hanging on a wall and makes for a truly unique guestbook.

17. Jenga

Who’d have thought Jenga could be used as a guest list but why not ask your guests to help you ‘build’ memories by signing a Jenga piece.

jenga guestbook

18. Wooden Heart Picture Frame

Last but not least, why not ask your guests to sign a wooden heart and drop it into a frame, they’ll soon build up and once complete, will look amazing hanging on a wall, acting as a constant reminder of your special day.

So there you have it, 18 alternative and unique guestbook ideas that will have your guests entertained and also act as an amazing keepsake which you and your husband can treasure forever. Do you know what your guestbook says about you yet?

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