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10 Things To Do With Your Bouquet

things to do with your bouquet

Once your wedding day is over, you’ll be left with a bunch of bouquets, wondering what to do with them. Here are a list of things to do with your bouquet after you’ve tied the knot.

#1 Donate them 

So much time goes in to creating your bouquets so it’s a shame to simply throw them away. Do your research prior to your big day. You’ll find care homes, hospices and hospitals that could see other people enjoying your wedding flowers.

#2 Make your own pot pourri 

Making your own pot pourri using your wedding flowers is a wonderful way to keep your flowers alive.

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#3 Frame them 

Framing your fabulous florals is a great way to remember your big day. 

#4 Turn flowers into jewelry 

Choose a particular flower to incorporate into your jewelry so you can carry a piece of your wedding around. Why stop at jewelry though! You can turn your florals into paperweights, keyrings and even household decorations. 

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#5 Make a bauble  

Why not incorporate your flowers into a Christmas bauble to hang on your Christmas tree and enjoy every single year. This is perfect for those of you who aren’t overly sentimental and would rather reminisce on things once a year rather than every day. 

#6 Press them 

Alternatively, you could simply press them using a flower press and look back at them over the years. 

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#7 Dry them 

We recommend knowing what you’re going to do with your wedding bouquet and centerpieces prior to tying the knot but if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to do with them but can’t bear throwing them away then our advice would be to dry them out. This bides you more time to think about what you really want to do with them. 

#8 Preserve them 

Having said that, drying them out often alters the colour of your flowers slightly. To avoid this, you can preserve your flowers using Silica Gel. The flowers look absolutely amazing afterwards and the colours remain bright and vibrant. 

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#9 Include a deceased loved one 

Why not leave your wedding bouquet at a friend or family’s grave side. This is a touching and thoughtful way to remember your loved ones who couldn’t be with you on your big day.  

#10 And lastly … 

You could simply throw them away. I can’t believe we just said that but if preserving your flowers just isn’t that important to you then by all means, you could simply throw them away. After all, there will be hundreds of photos that include your wedding day bouquet and centerpieces and you’ll be able to look back on those photos for many more years to come. 

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