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The Sound Of Music

Don’t worry, we’re not about to propose that you entertain your guests with Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do! We are however, going to give you a whistle stop tour of some of the types of music and musical presentations you have available to you on your big day to entertain your guests and add some real ambiance. It may be that you choose one or a combination of these for the different phases of your big day. Music is a key part of your wedding day. From the welcome music you’ll have playing whilst awaiting the arrival of the bride, the wedding march for walking down the aisle, the soft music playing whilst your guests enjoy the wedding breakfast all the way through to the party music you may have playing for the evening event. With so much to consider, we thought we’d give you a breakdown of some of our favorites. The Band You may have a brother, sister, cousin or friend that is in a band and you’d love them to play at your wedding. Bands can be a great way to liven up the party and get your guests boogying on that dance floor. Whether the band is rock, pop or alternative, the atmosphere you get from a live band is second to none and will undoubtedly provide great entertainment for your guests. Things to consider … Make sure you have a stage or area where the band can set up, make sure there’s ample power for your bands kit and try not to forget to include the band in the evening buffet!The Wedding DJ This still appears to be the popular choice for the evening event. Having a good DJ can be an excellent way to engage your guests in the evening. Make sure you have a real input into the music being played. You know your guests better than anyone so choose music that will get them up and busting their groove! If you have a family full of rockers, Westlife is unlikely to be a popular choice so remember these tips and your DJ will be a welcome and entertaining addition to your big day.

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A Classical Harpist We love the sound of a good harpist. An instrument that creates calm and tranquility as it softly plays in the background can really add to the ambiance of your big day. Harpists do well playing welcome music and music during the wedding breakfast due to the nature of the calming sounds it produces. This may be an additional cost to the usual welcome or background music you get from a CD player but bear a thought for the Harpist whop will leave lasting memories and play some of your most treasured songs in a unique and memorable way.

A Brass Band Believe it or not, these bands don’t just come out at Christmas. Surprisingly affordable, brass bands can be an excellent way to entertain your guests. Most brass bands these days have even mastered the more modern and current music which really is a treat. We experienced a wedding recently where a brass band was playing outside and the crowds of people that gathered to join in was simply fabulous.

The Bag Pipes You don’t have to be Scottish to enjoy the sound of traditional bag pipes. We absolutely love the sound of pipes being played and this type of entertainment will compliment many of the phases throughout your big day. If you are from a Celtic background however, the addition of a bag piper will add a real authenticity that your guests will really appreciate.

A Guitarist / Violinist Stringed instruments like the guitar or violin are great considerations for both entertainment and ambiance. The guitar can rock or play calming music and it’s versatility is a key part of it’s attraction. The violin, much like the harp will also create a feeling of ambiance and calm. Unlike the harp however, the violin can also have the versatility to play fast paced music that will invigorate your guests and get them moving.

So that’s it … A run down of our favorite types of music for you to consider for your big day. Whatever your choices, remember to have a real input into what is being played. Appeal to all your guests as best you can and if you have a mix of guests, have a mix of music to keep the atmosphere ticking over. Above all, have fun and enjoy!

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