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The Most Romantic Way To Propose

The Most Romantic Way To Propose

I mean it’s hard to narrow down the number one most romantic proposal ever, right? Everyone has their own definition of romantic and what might be sentimental to one person may really not mean anything to another. Nonetheless, we have come up with what we think are the top 5 most romantic ways to propose.

Let The Countdown Begin …

#5 Propose When You’re On Top Of The World

Whether you’re the outdoorsy or adventurous type, popping the question when you’re already feeling on top of the world is the perfect way to end what will have already been a fabulous day. If you love getting out into the open, proposing at the top of a mountain or whilst taking a hot air balloon ride will literally be the icing on the cake!

Amazing Places To Propose

#4 Say It With Flowers (And Throw In A Few Candles For Good Measure)

We think that creating a visually beautiful place to propose is definitely up there in terms of romanticism. Displaying endless amounts of well lit candles, rose petals, flowers and even balloons to ask the love of your life to be your wife is incredibly romantic.

School Sweethearts Proposal

#3 Take A Sunset Stroll

We all love the beach at sunset and if you’re a couple who loves the outdoors, this makes for the perfect backdrop for you to ask the all important question.

A New York Proposal

#4 Create A Scavengar Hunt

The most romantic way to pull this off would be to totally catch them off guard. Get there family to take them out for what they think is an afternoon lunch until someone hands them their first clue. The clues take them to all the special places that mean something to you as a couple until eventually it leads them to you standing their with a ring.

The Scavengar Hunt Proposal

#5 Leave It To Be Discovered

We think that the most romantic proposals are the ones that happen when they’re totally unexpected! If your partner is a bookworm and likes to read a chapter of their book every night without fail then tying the ring to some ribbon and leaving it with a note in the place of the bookmark for them to find is honestly what we would consider to be one of the most romantic ways to propose. After all, everyone loves to be surprised by the ones they love.

If you have any of your own proposal ideas you’d like to share, leave us a comment!

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