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Stunning Backdrops For Amazing Wedding Photos!

Having a backdrop for your wedding photos may not have crossed your mind but it’s actually a really fun way to get your guests interacting and posing for photo’s. These backdrops will be sure to bring a smile to your guests faces and the backdrops can also be recreated on a very tight budget.

1. A Book Backdrop

Do you have any old books lying around? Why not dig them out, stick them to a solid backing with the pages spread, add fake moss to the edges and drape some flowers over the top and there you have it … An absolutely stunning backdrop for those treasured photos.

2. A Fairy Tale Themed Backdrop

Here at Fund Your Wedding, we love a fairy tale wedding and love the idea of a giant story book being the backdrop to your big day. You can stick layers of MDF together, each one shorter in width to create a pages effect, paint the back to look like a story book and write on the front page ‘Once upon a time there was a girl called … and a boy called … who fell in love.’ This is a great way to give your wedding guests a bit of background as to how you met. Admittedly, it would be quite difficult to pull off but if you did succeed, you’d have some amazing photos from your big day!

3. A Floral Backdrop

Would it be a wedding without flowers? Flowers are such a symbolic attribute to any wedding so why not go all out with a flower wall. Guaranteed to get even the groom swooning!

4. Voile Drapes Backdrop

All you need to recreate this look is voile drapes, a floral garland and a frame which could simply be made from old bits of wood.

5. A Wood & Candle Themed Backdrop

We love this backdrop! There’s something really mesmerizing about lots of candles burning at once but remember don’t get too close! You wouldn’t want your dress to go up in flames … That has genuinely happened before now but luckily the bride made it out fairly unscathed, the dress on the other hand … Well, that’s another story.

6. A Lace Backdrop

Who’d have thought something so simple would look so amazing! Simply tear long strips of lace and hang side by side. This simple idea is so impressive and you could really play about when having your photo’s taken with this backdrop because you could stand behind it or amongst it. A backdrop made of rolls of lace would definitely suit a vintage or rustic themed wedding.

7. A Crepe Paper Backdrop

Crepe paper is inexpensive and can be made very easily into stunning flowers. Create large flowers and stick them to a backdrop. Check out our Youtube Channel to find numerous DIY tutorials and don’t forget to subscribe!

8. A Wooden Backdrop

Got some spare wood lying around? Why not nail pieces of wood together, draping a floral garland over the top to create a simple yet stunning backdrop.

9. A Rope Backdrop

If you know how to tie a good knot, why not tie the knot in front of a stunning rope backdrop complete with colourful floral pieces.

10. A Butterfly Themed Backdrop

Butterflies are easy to make out of coloured card or old books you have lying around. You can cut loads of butterflies out at the same time by layering up the paper so it wouldn’t take very long to make at all. To create the wings coming off the page, you just need to apply a bit of glue to the middle and gently fold the wings back and they will stay in place as if they’re going to take off at any minute. The only time consuming bit will be sticking the butterfly’s to the fixed backdrop but we think it’d be well worth it!

11. A Picture Frame Backdrop

Cut out a frame shape or obtain a life sized frame for your guests to stand in. Not only will your guests have fun with this one, you will be able to capture amazing memories as they unfold. This backdrop is probably one of the most easiest to make and it will encourage people to pose for pictures. Why not have a prop basket next to the backdrop full of wigs, moustaches and huge animated glasses. Your guests will have a whale of a time with this one!

12. A Paper Backdrop

Ever wanted to try your hand at Origami? It really is amazing what you can make with paper. We absolutely love origami paper flowers or hearts. You can hang them from string, prop it behind a microphone and use it as a place for the speeches. You really will have impressive photos to remember the big day.

13. A Giant Chalkboard Backdrop

We love the vintage feel of having a chalkboard at a wedding so why not have a giant chalkboard as the main backdrop for wedding photo’s. You could either write something meaningful on there or have your guests write messages on it for you to read once the night is over.

So there you have it, 13 stunning backdrop ideas to inspire you.  Like us on Facebook for even more wedding inspiration.

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