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Spring Wedding Ideas & Tips

spring wedding ideas

Here are our top wedding ideas and tips to help you plan that sunny spring wedding.

1. Book early 

Spring is a great time of year to get married. The days are getting longer and warmer and people tend to be in good spirits. It’s also not classed as high season which means spring weddings are very popular. That means that if you’ve got a date in mind, you need to book early to avoid disappointment. We’re not just talking about the venue either, we’re talking wedding caterers, photographers and the entertainment you want to go with. Most suppliers take your booking after a small deposit so you don’t need to worry about forking out massively at this stage. 

2. Book a bank holiday weekend 

Probably the best thing about getting married in the Spring is that there are so many Spring bank holidays. If you book your wedding on a Spring bank holiday, chances are most people already have the day off work meaning all your guests are going to be able to make it. 

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3. Plan your photographs indoors and outdoors 

Spring weddings are great but the weather can still be unpredictable so make sure you choose your venue wisely. You don’t want to plan your wedding photos in a rose garden and have no other option if it suddenly starts hammering down with rain. Make sure there are equally beautiful places to have your wedding photos taken whether you choose to go inside or outside. 

4. Prepare 

A spring wedding requires additional preparation. You may have chosen a venue with the option of having wedding photos indoors or outdoors but even if it doesn’t rain, the fields are likely to be muddy and wet. Pack some cute wellies or heel stoppers to stop you sinking in the mud, pack a white parasol to shelter you from any showers and remember to embrace the ever-changing weather conditions. After all, it means good luck if it rains on your wedding day!

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5. Be considerate towards your bridesmaids 

Consider what you want your bridesmaids to wear. If you opt for light and airy chiffon dresses then make sure you also give them wraps, shrugs or scarfs so they can wrap themselves up and keep warm. It may be Spring but it’s still cold.

6. Go seasonal 

There are so many fantastic options to choose from during the Spring especially when it comes to your wedding flowers. Talk through various options with your florist and choose things that are in season as it’ll be cheaper than trying to source flowers that are out of season. Also, talk through wedding flowers and possibilities before deciding on your colour scheme as your colour scheme might be heavily dependent on what’s available to you. 

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7. Incorporate the season into your wedding favours 

Incorporating spring into your wedding favours shouldn’t be too difficult. You could simply plant bulbs in little containers or display seeds in brown envelopes with stickers saying ‘Let Love Grow.’ Your guests can plant them when they get home to remind them of your special day. 

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