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Rose Wedding Bouquets: All You Need To Know

Rose Wedding Bouquets

Red roses are the number one flower that symbolizes love. The word itself is derived from the Latin word ‘Rosa’ meaning love. This flower is perfect to incorporate into rose wedding bouquets for that reason.

Did you know that they come in various colours?

They come in a variety of colours such as magenta, yellow, purple and peach. Not to mention white and of course, the classic red rose!

Each Colour Has Meaning

White roses symbolise purity, yellow symbolizes friendship, purple symbolizes love at first sight and pink symbolizes happiness. With over a hundred varieties of rose to choose from, they range in colour, size and shape making gorgeous wedding bouquets that vary in style.

Why Do Brides Traditionally Throw Their Bouquets?

When Is Rose Season?

The UK rose season starts in May and runs through to September meaning they are cheaper to purchase at this time of year. If you’re opting to have roses at your wedding, try and choose a spring / summer wedding date as this means the florist won’t have to get them shipped from overseas making it a lot more affordable for you.

We absolutely love a bouquet that’s mixed with buds and open blooms. Ask your florist to keep some of the buds in a cold room as this will delay them opening up which will give your wedding bouquet depth.

A Guide To Fabulous Wedding Flowers

Born and bred in England and patriotic about where you’re from? Did you know the Tudor rose is a National symbol for England and a great personal touch to your wedding bouquet.

Not sold on the whole idea of a rose bouquet but want to incorporate ‘love’ into your wedding day? Did you know that you can actually eat rose petals and they are delicious as part of a desert!

Add Edible Flowers To Your Wedding

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