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Recycled Paper Wedding Decorations

Here at Fund Your Wedding, we love these wedding decorations made out of recycled paper. They are so simple yet so effective and work really well with a vintage or rustic wedding theme.

1. Flower Bouquets

These paper bouquets will save you a fortune on traditional flowers and they make for truly unique photo opportunities. You could wrap the stems with coloured ribbon to match your colour scheme making these a perfect alternative to your usual flower bouquets. Available from Etsy.

2. Coiled Paper Heart

This colouful paper heart is a perfect addition to your wedding decorations. Complete with twine, it would fit in perfectly with a rustic themed wedding. Since each heart is handmade, each one is truly unique to you. Available from Etsy.

3. Heart bunting

These gorgeous hearts are created using upcycled Shakespeare book pages. A pretty and delicate wedding decoration – to give a literary touch to your party! Available from Etsy.

4. Confetti

This confetti is also made from recycled love stories and made by hand to give your wedding decor a rustic and individual feel.  A great wedding decoration idea. Each piece is unique! Available from Fund Your Wedding.

5. Folded Book Art

This book sculpture is a great wedding feature and will certainly impress your guests. It is created by folding pages of recycled books. Available from Etsy.

6. Butterfly Decorations

These handmade paper butterflies are cut from a vintage book. Two paper butterflies have been placed together creating a 3D butterfly. Each body is hand painted silver. Available from this seller on Etsy.

If you’re creative and up for a challenge, get rummaging through your bookshelves for the books that didn’t make it on last years holiday or have been gathering dust for a while and turn them into something beautIful for your big day. This is recycling at its best! If you’re less of the creative type then these are all available to buy on Etsy.

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