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10 Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding

destination wedding

The reasons to have a destination wedding are so in favour. It’s an absolute no brainer! Hot climates, cheaper rates, intimate ceremonies … Here, we give you all full list of reasons to have a destination wedding.

Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

#1 You’ll Have An Intimate Ceremony

When you opt for a wedding abroad, it’s inevitable that some people will be unable to make it. Don’t worry too much about that, just embrace the idea of an intimate wedding celebration with your nearest and dearest.

#2 You’ll Save Money On The Guest List

The average wedding has around 150 guests at around £40 per head. That’s an astonishing £6,000 spent on feeding your guests!! With the average destination wedding having only 50 guests, you stand to save a whopping £4,000+

#3 You’ll Save Money On Decor

Finding a wedding venue abroad usually comes with a stunning backdrop and with a scenic backdrop as part of your wedding package, you won’t need to spend as much on wedding decorations or doing it up.

How To Plan A Destination Wedding

#4 You Can Combine The Wedding & Honeymoon

You can save money by combining the wedding and the honeymoon into one. Many couples can’t afford a honeymoon following their wedding and end up waiting years to get abroad. By combining the two, you are guaranteed a honeymoon to remember!

#5 You Can Celebrate For An Entire Week (Or Two!)

Once you’ve tied the knot at your chosen wedding venue, your guests typically return home that evening and that’s the end of the celebration. When you get married abroad, your guests are typically with you for an entire week of festivities. After all, you only get married once so why not embrace it for a week long affair.

Destination Wedding Inspiration

#6 You’ll Get Cheaper Rates

The good thing about wedding venues abroad is that they are vying for your business. As such they offer irresistible deals and packages and are open to a bit of bartering too.

#7 You’re Almost Guaranteed Sun

Well, isn’t that the main reason most of us want to get married abroad?

Destination Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

#8 Your Wedding Photos Will Be Sun Kissed

No need to worry about spray tans or facials on the run up to your big day. Spending time under the sun and soaking up all that vitamin D will have you looking radiant for those all important wedding photos.

#9 You Can Save Money On Your Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is one of the most expensive wedding purchases bride’s make. With that said, couples often opt for a lightweight white gown which isn’t typically marketed as a “wedding dress” but still makes them look like the beautiful bride.

#10 You Get To Wear Your Dress Again

If you do opt for an expensive wedding dress, you’ll get to wear it all over again when you have a second do at home for all your friends and family. After all, who doesn’t want to dress up and feel like a princess for another day?

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