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Plan A Destination Wedding

plan a destination wedding

The idea of getting married abroad appeals to some many people but few people take it up. I mean, wedding planning is stressful enough without adding distance to the equation! Well, don’t fear because we’re hear to show you how to plan a destination wedding and why you should.

How To Plan A Destination Wedding

#1 Choose A Special Place That Ties In With Your Theme

The cobbled streets of Italy’s towns would lend itself so well to a vintage theme or perhaps you’ve always wanted a beach wedding? Then look no further than the Caribbean or Hawaii. Decide on your theme before choosing your location. Remember that this is likely going to be a place you revisit for many years to come so make sure you choose a place that’s not shy of spectacular. Look at what activities are available at your location, if you’re quite the adrenaline junkie, then maybe a waterfront wedding with jet skiing and parasailing would be right up your street.

#2 Give Your Guests Enough Time

Make sure you invite your guests well in advance so that they have time to save and plan for their trip. Even if they can afford it, they’ll need time to get the best deals. Similarly, make sure your wedding party will be able to come before you ask them to be in your bridal party.

Destination Wedding Inspiration

#3 Don’t Be Offended

The reality of having a destination wedding is that not everyone will be able to make it so don’t be offended if those close to you decline. Remember that the beauty of a destination wedding is that they are usually intimate.

#4 Hire A Wedding Planner

Obviously you’re new to this so hiring a wedding planner that specializes in destination weddings is a no brainer! Not only will they know what to consider but they’ll already have built relationships with vendors overseas and are likely to wangle you a discount. Not to mention, they’ll be able to offer up some tips and tricks to help your destination wedding run smoothly.

Destination Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

#5 Make Sure You Consider Your Guests

When booking the accommodation, don’t just assume people want the cheapest. If they’re willing to attend you’re wedding, chances are they’ll prefer to splash out so that they can really enjoy it. They’ll probably view it as their own little holiday in which they see two people they love get married. Choose somewhere that’s affordable but will all the little luxuries but give them the option of booking a cheaper alternative. Make sure your suggested accommodation is close to the venue so your guests don’t have to travel far.

#6 Make Sure You Visit Your Venue Prior To Booking

Whilst pictures might tell a thousand words they can also be deceiving so if you’ve fallen in love with a venue online, make sure you visit it in person prior to booking. If it’s the venue of your dreams and you intend on booking, make sure you take plenty of pictures as you walk around. The reason being is that you may later rely on images to remember the layout for deciding where the caterer, entertainment and musician will set up.

#7 Research Vendors Carefully

Prior to flying out to view your venue, make sure you research wedding vendors. You might as well utilize your time out there to meet wedding vendors in person and see what they have to offer. Make sure you vet them carefully and that they are highly recommended via their online reviews.

#8 Research Legal Marriage Requirements For Your Chosen Country

This is an absolute necessity and not one to overlook. Some countries require you to live in the country for a certain amount of days (even months) prior to you being able to tie the knot! Make  sure you know the legal requirements so your wedding goes without a hitch!

#9 Research The Weather

Okay, so you’ve opted for hotter climates such as Thailand. Remember that they too have a rainy season so make sure you’re booking your wedding at the right time of year to guarantee hotter climates.

A South American Inspired Wedding

#10 Choose Your Wedding Dress Wisely

If you’re going to tie the knot in 40 degree heat, the last thing you’ll want is a heavily layered foot length gown with sleeves. Tailor your wedding dress so that you feel comfortable on your big day.

#11 There’s No Such Thing As Time

In some places, especially on the pacific islands, there is no such thing as time!! People start work when they’re ready so make sure you enjoy the laid back attitudes the locals have as opposed to trying to make everything run to time.

#12 Do Not Check In Your Wedding Dress

Or any other important bits for that matter! As long as they meet the hand luggage requirements, make sure you carry them onto the plane so that there’s no risk of them getting lost in transit. Although very unlikely, it does happen!

For more ideas on how to plan a destination wedding, click here.

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