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10 Things The Maid of Honour Needs to Do

#1 Be on time … If not early! 

As the Maid of Honor, it is your job to make sure everything runs smoothly so whatever you do, don’t be late! 

#2 Keep everything on track 

Prior to the big day, make sure you have a timeline of when the make-up artist and photographer are arriving. That way, you can make sure everything is running to schedule and that the bride arrives to her wedding on time. 

#3 Act as the point of contact 

As the maid of honor, it is a good idea to give your number to all the vendors and wedding suppliers so that if necessary, they can call you on the morning of the wedding and not worry the bride when she’s meant to be relaxing. 

#4 Liase with the best man 

You want to be able to reassure the Bride that everything is running smoothly on the Grooms side and the best man will want to the same for the Broom. It’s important that you stay in touch throughout the morning so you can give updates when necessary. 

#5 Make sure you have a necessity kit 

It’s a good idea to come equip with all the things the Bride could possibly need on her big day. For example, painkillers, safety pins, bobby pins, tissues, perfume, deodorant, fashion tape and anything else you think she may need. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

#6 Help the Bride get dressed 

You’ll want to make sure the Bride’s dress, shoes, jewelry and anything else she is intending to wear are laid out in advance ready for her to slip into with ease.  

#7 Keep the Bride calm 

It’s completely normal to have nerves on the morning of your wedding so keep an eye on the Bride. If you detect her panicking, reassure her as best you can. It’s your job to be at her beck and call, whilst she spends the morning getting ready, it’s your job to fetch things, lay things out, deal with her phone and liase with vendors so that she doesn’t have to. 

#8 Make sure the Bride eats 

Wedding nerves can sometimes result in Brides forgetting to eat. Make sure you have snacks with you and make sure she eats something so that her blood sugars don’t run low and champagne doesn’t put her to bed too early. 

#9 Be prepared 

If the reception is in a separate place to the ceremony, know how you’ll get to each venue. Pre-book a taxi so you’re not wasting time and find out in advance if there’s anyone you can share a taxi with. 

#10 Practice your speech 

If, of course, you’re giving one! If you are, then this is something you’ll want to practice on the morning of the wedding.

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