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Incredible Date Ideas For Newlyweds

Okay, it’s confirmed! We absolutely love the idea of having a date jar at your wedding. A date jar is where your guests can come up with quirky and exciting ventures for you to enjoy together after you’ve tied the knot. Whenever you get bored, pop your hand into the jar and pull out something to brighten your day. Here, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite date ideas for newlyweds.

#1 Take a road trip

The more spontaneous, the better. Who knows where you may end up! Pack the essentials and jump into the car to experience a place neither of you have visited. This is a great way to make long lasting memories and don’t worry too much if you get lost, it’s likely you’ll look back on these hiccups in many years to come with a whole lot of fondness!

newlywed date ideas

#2 Revisit the place you first met

Dress up so that you’re feeling your best and set a time to meet at the location you first met. Not only will this bring back much loved memories but it’ll also create many more for you to look back on.

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#3 Go Glamping

We agree that 5* hotels are nice but relying on each other to set up where you’re sleeping and cooking together as the night draws in has a great way of bringing two people together. It’s funny how quickly life can get in the way after you’ve tied the knot so take some time out and do something that’s a bit different. Pour yourself some champagne and reminisce over the campfire about married life. This will surely be a night to remember!

#4 Have dinner under the stars

If glamping just isn’t for you, throw down a picnic blanket in the garden complete with cushions and throws and have dinner under the stars. Toast marshmallows on a fire if possible because what date is complete without the presence of marshmallows.

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#5 Visit a fair

There’s nothing that beats a summer fayre so grab your change and go and have some fun in the sun, let your hair down and forget about the stresses of life for a couple of hours, this’ll be treat for the both of you.

newlywed date ideas and inspiration

#6 Climb a mountain

Get your walking boots on and get out in the fresh air and challenge yourselves to reach the top of a summit near you. It can be as easy or as difficult as you like but achieving things like this together will create amazing memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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#7 Climb the tallest skyscraper

If a mountain just won’t do, why not head for the tallest skyscraper and challenge yourself to reach the top, after all, the views will be so worth it! Whether it’s the Shard in London or Sydney Harbour Bridge, you’ll find challenging yourselves together is a great way of bonding.

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#8 Take a boat trip

Now, this could be anything from a half hour speed boat ride round the harbour to a week long canal boat holiday or even a cruise! Either of these would be a fun and memorable experience.

newlywed date night ideas

#9 Pick some fruit (and then eat it!)

Some local fruit picking farms are the perfect day out. Not only can you go and pick your favourite fruits but they usually have gorgeous little cafes on site selling homemade jam and ice creams! The perfect way to spend the afternoon. When you get home, you could make anything from blueberry cupcakes to homemade jam for scones!

#10 Volunteer

Spend a few hours each month volunteering at your local animal rescue centre, see if you can walk the dogs and get out in the fresh air together to do something good. This will give you both a great sense of achievement. If there’s nothing local to you, perhaps consider going abroad and seeing what organisations are out there to volunteer in. Who knows, you could make the world of difference!

#11 A murder mystery night

There are grand hotels that put on amazing murder mystery nights which are heaps of fun but if you’re struggling to find one near you, you can actually buy your own murder mystery kit off Amazon which tells you exactly how to throw an incredible murder mystery dinner so why not grab your friends and have an incredible night of fun.

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#12 Take a class

Whether it’s salsa dancing, pottery or cookery classes, doing something together is not only great for bonding but it’s always good to learn something new.

#13 Have a comedy night

Dress up and head out to your nearest comedy club for a night of laughs!

#14 Play

This is the simplest way of spending time together but it’s something many couples don’t do. With bills to pay, a house to keep and businesses to run, it’s all too easy to get bogged down and forget the fundamentals of having fun. If you’re running out of date jar ideas, you can always rely on playing around and making each other laugh.

Why and if all else fails, a simple and relaxed movie night never goes amiss!

If you’ve got any date ideas for newlyweds, comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

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