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How To Pull Off An Unplugged Wedding

what is an unplugged wedding

So, what is an unplugged wedding I hear you ask? It’s basically where two people make the decision to not have anyone taking photos of their wedding. Apart from their chosen wedding photographer, of course!

The reasons why couples decide to do this vary. Most commonly, they like to be able to announce there wedding themselves without anyone else putting out a social media spoiler. It could be that they simply don’t want to circulate their images to the world wide web and would prefer to keep their treasured photos private.

So you’re thinking about having an unplugged wedding but don’t know how to tell your wedding guests. Here are the best ways to remind your guests you’re having an unplugged wedding.

#1 Put it on Your Invitations

The first point of contact between you and your wedding guests is usually your wedding invitations so make sure you include that it is an unplugged wedding when designing your wedding stationary.

#2 On Your Wedding Website

Ideally, you want your wedding guests to know way before your wedding that it’s going to be unplugged so the more you tell them prior to your big day, the more they will get their heads round it. Make sure you include it on your wedding website too for all to see.

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#3 Tell Them

Make sure you gently remind your guests in person on the run up to your big day.

#4 In Your Order of Service

Now, it’s time for you to tie the knot and if they haven’t got the message by now, there are some other subtle ways to remind them. Including the rules of your unplugged wedding on your orders of service is bound to jog their memory.

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#5 Using Signs

Signage is a key part of any wedding as they are a great source of information but they also look really pretty. Make sure you have an unplugged sign to remind your wedding guests.

# Make An Announcement

And if that hasn’t done it, you can make an announcement to remind everyone at the beginning of your wedding ceremony or the all important wedding speeches.

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