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How To Make A Proposal Special

Sounds like a congratulations may in order if you’re looking at exciting and memorable ways to propose to your better half. With thousands of people getting engaged every single day, it’s no wonder you want to make yours that extra little bit special. Here we share with you our top tips on how to make a proposal special so that yours is one to remember!

#1 Make sure it’s a complete surprise

We all love surprises, even those of you who don’t, secretly do to some extent. It’s nice to be caught off guard with a romantic gesture and your engagement is no exception! Keep in mind that if your partner is a bit shy and introverted, it might be best to propose in a private setting where just the two of you can share that special moment. If your partner is more out there, then a flash mob where all their family are friends are in attendance could totally be an option!

Amazing Places To Propose

#2 Choose the perfect ring

Try to gain insight into what style of ring they like. Do you lean more towards Gold or Silver or do they love a bit of bling or a more simple design? Do they like the latest trends or do they have their own unique taste? Ask yourself what it is they would like to wear and make the most informed decision you possibly can because if the ring you unveil happens to be their dream ring, it’ll be all the more special.

A School Sweethearts Proposal

# Choose the perfect fit

Make sure the ring fits. After all, no one wants to pull out a ring two sizes to small and then have to worry about taking it back to the shop for resizing before they can actually accept the ring. It may take some undercover investigative work but it’ll all be worth it when your engagement proposal runs smoothly.

A New York Proposal

#3 Tie it in with their favourite time of year

If your partner loves Christmas then chances are, they’d love a Christmas proposal surrounded by twinkling fairy lights. Do they have a time of year or season that they absolutely love? Proposing at their favourite time of year will just make it that extra bit special.

A Dance Battle Proposal

#4 Book a holiday

Is there a place where your better half has always wanted to go. Perhaps they’ve always dreamt of visiting Rome. Surprising them with a weekend break away and then proposing in front of the Trevi Fountain is about as thoughtful and romantic as it gets.

An Australian Ski Slope Proposal

#5 Let Them Discover It

Rather than getting down on one knee where they can anticipate what’s happening, how about hiding the ring in an unexpected place for them to come across it when they totally don’t expect it. Whatever you do, make sure you’re in the room when it’s discovered. You could place it in view on their plate when serving up food or you can leave it on their bed stand with a little note so they discover it just as they’re about to go to bed. This would be a totally unexpected proposal making it exceptionally romantic.

So there you have it, our top 5 tips on making your proposal that extra bit special.

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