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How To Keep Wedding Guests Happy

how to keep wedding guests happy

These subtle tips on how to keep your wedding guests happy won’t go unnoticed.

#1 Give People Plenty of Notice

Make sure you give your guests plenty of notice to plan how they’ll be arriving and what they’ll be wearing etc.

#2 Be Clear On Details

Create a wedding website and make it clear where the venues are, what time your guests need to be there, whether they have disability access or parking. Share every last detail with your guests so they know exactly what to expect. Don’t just leave it up on your website and hope people will find it, do the same on your invitations and even send reminders out nearer the time. If you’re having a no children policy, make sure guests are aware of this. Similarly, make it clear on the invitations if your guests are allowed a plus one.

#3 Hire a bus

If you’ve opted for two separate venues for the ceremony and reception, it might be a n idea to hire a bus to transport your guests from A to B. Not only will this avoid people getting lost and missing the wedding speeches but it’ll take the stress out of trying to get there on time.

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#4 Take Note of Where The Bathroom Is

If you have to walk a fair distance to access the toilets, it might be worth hiring a porta loo to save elderly guests the hassle of walking all the way to the bathroom. I know green, dirty and smelly might spring to mind but honestly there are classier options available to you.

#5 Make Sure Your Venue Is Comfortable

Provide plenty of seating areas and make sure it’s air-conditioned. Provide blankets and outside heating for when the sun goes down and the night gets a bit chilly.

#6 Consider Your Guests Whilst You’re Having Photos Taken

Make sure your guests are kept entertained whilst you have your wedding photos taken. Whether that’s by hiring a magician, dancing act or DJ. Your guests will appreciate the entertainment. Make sure food and drink is available for them too.

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#7 Hire a marquee 

Come rain or shine, this is a great way to make your guests happy! It provides shelter from the rain or the sun.

#8 Keep An Eye On The Wedding Forecast

If there’s a heatwave on the horizon, make sure you provide plenty of shade as well as water, hand held fans and even sunscreen! Alternatively if it’s forecast rain, make sure you set up a tea and coffee stand, provide blankets and throws for wedding favours and have an umbrella stand so your guests don’t get wet.

#9 Be Thoughtful

Incorporate ample seating, blankets, throws, fans, games, drink and snack stands.

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#10 Acknowledge Everyone

This is quite difficult to do especially if your reception has over 150 guests! But they’ve all made the effort to be at your wedding so make sure you acknowledge each individual and thank them for coming.

#11 Think About Your Seating Arrangements

As much as we all want people to just get along for our big day, don’t expect miracles! Think about family rifts and who gets on because if your guests are happy at their tables, the atmosphere will be buzzing!

#12 Keep Speeches Short and Sweet

Make sure you set a time limit for the wedding speeches and provide a microphone so everyone can hear what’s been said.

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#13 Know Local Taxi Services

If your wedding is out of town, make sure you know the numbers for local taxi services so that you can quickly get your guests home if they’ve drank one too many.

#14 Thank Your Guests

Thank you cards are the final touch that just let your guests know that you appreciated them being there.

So now you know how to keep wedding guests happy, we’re sure you and your wedding guests will have a wail of a time!

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