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How To Get Your Guests Dancing

This may seem like an arduous task but believe it or not, it’s actually a lot easier than you think and it all comes down to your choice of music. Sound scary? Well don’t fear because the pressure isn’t all on you to create the perfect wedding playlist. Whether you’re creating your own playlist, hiring a DJ or booking a live band, this one tip will make sure everyone’s dancing the night away … 

When sending out your save the dates, incorporate a question into the RSVP’s where guests can tell you one or two of their favourite songs that they’d love to hear at the wedding reception. Then (it goes without saying) create a playlist based on the answers you receive. You’re bound to make each of your guests happy and it won’t be long before their busing their moves! 

Love the idea but have already sent out your save the dates? Just send your guests a quick text and see what they come back with. Don’t forget to include music of your choice too, after all, if there is one person you want to please, it’s you!

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