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How Many Bridesmaids Should You Have

how many bridesmaids should you have

No bridesmaids

Okay, hear us out! There is a new wedding trend taking Pinterest by storm and that is the less is more approach! With unconventional being the new norm, you can have and do whatever you like. With that said, if doing away with the stresses that come with the bridesmaids dresses and accessories. Then go ahead and do away with it altogether!

1 bridesmaid

If you have one friend that simply stands out from the crowd, then go ahead and ask her. Don’t feel bad about not asking anyone else, after all it is your big day! You should be accompanied by whoever you like. Even if that does mean it’s just you and your bestie hitting the aisle.

A Small Group of Bridesmaids (2 – 4)

Choosing your closest friends to be bridesmaids has many perks, one of which being you won’t be fighting for mirrors and use of the toilet which makes your wedding morning easy going and stress free.

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A Medium Group of Bridesmaids (5 – 7)

Chances are, you’re a social butterfly with a number of different friendship groups. Bringing them all together and hoping that they all get along can be challenging so if opting for a larger group of bridesmaids, make sure you choose them wisely. You’ll want to get them chatting, laughing and getting along at every opportunity so make sure you create a group chat and post funny conversation starters to help them break the ice.

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A Large Group of Bridesmaids (8+)

Okay, so one thing is for sure, having a bridal squad of this size means your friends and family will constantly be on hand to fix anything that goes wrong which means you can sit back, relax and know that everything is being taken care of.

No matter the size of your bride tribe, you’ll want to choose them carefully and make sure they all get on so there are no looming tensions. If you create fun icebreakers and involve everyone in the wedding planning conversations, we’re sure you’re wedding day will run smoothly whether you choose to have ten bridesmaids or absolutely none!

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