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Horoscope for Libra Brides 

Were you born between September 23rd and October 22nd? Well congratulations! That makes you a Libra Bride! So, if you’ve been wondering what sort of year lay ahead for you and your better half then don’t fear because we have it covered!  

Love and Relationships: 

The eclipses that are on the horizon could see you revamping your life from making new friends to having a new hair do. Whatever it is you revamp, it’ll make you feel empowered and in control of your life at a time where you may sometimes feel out of control. With Saturn visiting your sign this year, your relationships with family and friends could go through rocky times but these pitfalls will only make your relationships stronger in the long run.  

Uranus ends a seven year journey through your sign which will strengthen your relationships and provide stability leaving you feeling safe, secure and happy in your relationship. Two scheduled eclipses could also see you welcoming a new addition to the family. 

Career and Finances: 

2018/19 is a year of prosperity. With Jupiter entering your sign, it could bring a new career path, an increase in salary or a promotion. 2018/19 could be your luckiest financial year to date which will come as a blessing after spending so much on your wedding. This will spark a commitment in you to save as much money as possible, buy your own home or invest in assets. The presence of Jupiter will give you a new found confidence that reaffirms your self worth. When you know your self worth it’s hard to accept anything less than you deserve which when it comes to finances is a recipe for financial success. 

Health and Wellbeing: 

Your new found confidence and self worth will do wonders for your health and wellbeing. You’ll feel positive and happy and this will encourage you to eat well and get out more. 2018/19 will be a great year for your mental health and will leave you feeling happy, secure, stable and relaxed.  

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