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Funny Wedding Photos You’ll Love!

If you’ve booked your photographer, why not think about writing them a list of things to capture on your special day, the great thing about doing this is that you can capture specific moments that the photographer may not have photographed otherwise. But why stop there, have fun with it, use a little of your imagination and create a raft of funny photos that will have you in tears of laughter every time you look back through your wedding album.

1. Here at Fund Your Wedding, we absolutely love this photo from Petrie’s Photography with the bride stomping on the groomsmen. They genuinely look really frightened.

2. We think this photo of the groom and his best men are just lovely. It really sums up how happy the groom is to have just married his wife and how the best men support his decision to marry her. This photo makes us smile.

3. This photo is hilarious and yet so reflective of the truth. This is the more accurate version of what goes on behind the scenes so why not exaggerate a little bit and take a funny shot like this one.

4. Get him to the church! We love this photo of the bride pulling the groom towards the church against his will. You’ll need a good sense of humour for this one!

5. We love the simplicity of this photo but what a great moment to capture! The couple leaving together, as husband and wife.

6. This makes for a really lovely photo. So simple, yet so effective. It’ll probably take you a few attempts to get it right and that’s what’s funny about it. You’ll have so much fun recreating this photo.

7. You know the kids are thinking it so why not use that to your advantage and aid the kids with a sign. This really will be a lovely photo to look back on.

8. This couple (unaware of the mischievous groomsmen) are enjoying their moment as husband and wife. What a funny way to incorporate your groomsmen into your wedding photos.

9. What a stunning superhero moment. Only one word for this … Stunning!

10. You don’t want to miss the bouquet toss! Photographing the moment where everyone jumps for the bouquet will capture the excitement of this moment perfectly.

11. And last but certainly not least, we love what this couple have done and we think it makes for an incredible photo! Why not superimpose a picture of a dinosaur chasing you and have your entire wedding party running away from it. This is bound to create an amazing atmosphere and will definitely have your guests talking about your photo album for years to come.

So there you have it, a list of hilarious photos to take on your wedding day. You’ll be hysterical looing back through your wedding album and will have shared hilarious moments with those close to you. It’s these memories that will last you a lifetime.

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