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Cute Ways To Include Your Pets On Your Wedding Day!

Including your pets on your wedding day is becoming a popular trend and if you want our honest thoughts on the matter, it may just be the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen! Adorable though they may be, there are certainly some things you should weigh up prior to making them a key part of your day. As much as you’d like to invite your friends, your family and your furry companions, you need to know with utmost certainty that they’ll be able to behave themselves and won’t run a muck on your special day. It might be worth hiring a trusted pet sitter for the day. That way, if your furry friend is being misbehaved, your pet sitter can take him out of the equation straight away so that your day runs as smoothly as possible. Another thing to think about is whether or not your guests have allergies. The last thing you want is to have the best man unable to complete his speech due to an uncontrollable sneezing fit. Another thing would be to check whether animals are even allowed at your choice of venue and where they’ll be when the food is served. After all, no one wants a dog licking their plate clean. Still unsure whether or not to invite your furry friend? Well, check out these adorable photos as they may just sway you.

1. It’s every girls dream to feel like a princess on their special day and this photo reminds us of snow white when she calls all of her furry friends to help her. So adorable!

2. This photo melts our hearts. This dog looks really tired after a long day being the best man. What a fantastic photo oppotunity.

3. Why not give your pet donkey her very own flower crown … So elegant and beautiful.

4. You could even tie a sign loosly around your dogs neck so it does all the talking for him. Photos like these make for beautiful keepsakes.

5. This is another great example of having a sign tied loosley around your dogs neck. This will certainly melt the hearts of your wedding guests.

6. Another great idea would be to hire an owl ringbearer. Again, this needs to be carefully considered. Could you cope if the owl didn’t fly towards you and ended up hiding near the ceiling holding your wedding rings? Perhaps have a back up idea just incase the worst should happen. If you’re more of a laid back kind of bride, this option might be perfect for you.

7. We’ve seen many dogs wearing a tux and acting the best man to his owner but what if your dog is a female? Perhaps she could be the made of honour with a dress to match. This photo brings a huge smile to our faces. This dog looks so brilliantly unimpressed.

8. There’s something that exudes grandeur and that is arriving to your wedding with a white horse in tow. This would work really well for a fairytale themed wedding.

 9. There’s just one word for this dog wearing a flower crown and that word is ‘cute.’

10. So I hear you ask, what about my furry feline? Cats are adventurous and when brought to a new environment, they often try finding their way home and can easily get lost. Worrying about the whereabouts of your cat is the last thing you want to be thinking about on the most important day of your lives. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate them into your wedding photos. When you’re getting ready at home before leaving for the ceremony, take the opportunity to capture your pampered pet.

11. A photographers dream. A Yorkie hiding amongst a cascading wedding dress. How adorable?

12. Last but certainly not least, we think colour matching your bouquet to your pet’s floral collar is so simple and yet it makes for gorgeous wedding photos like this one.

So there you have it, 12 great ways to incorporate your beloved pets into your big day. If you were unsure whether or not to have your pets attend your wedding, we think this article might help you to make your decision. After all, have you seen how cute the photos are!!

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