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Creating A Wedding Website 

Getting creative and customizing your very own wedding website is a lot of fun. This is where you’ll keep all the important information regarding your big day such as the venue, how to get there, whether there is accommodation etc. It is also a place for you to display the registry, a guestbook and a place where your guests can RSVP. As such, you’ll want to set up your website before you send out your invites. 

What you need to include:

1. A Short Story 

You want to include a short bio about you and your partner, how you met, how he / she proposed etc. Some of your guests might not know how you were proposed too and displaying this on your website will give a bit of background. 

2. Who’s playing a role in your big day 

I would hope that your wedding guests know you or your partner but chances are they won’t know the entire wedding party and so it’s a great idea to display their names alongside what role they are playing and a small bio. 

3. Information about your wedding day 

Here you’ll want to include all necessary details such as the addresses for both the ceremony and reception venues, the time and date it’s taking place and the names of who to contact. By putting all this information in one place, it puts a stop to you having to text everyone individually and letting them know the smaller details. 

4. Directions 

To avoid anyone turning up fashionably late, give them detailed instructions on how to get to the venue or better yet, include a map so they can see exactly where the location is for themselves. 

5. Accomodation 

If you have guests travelling down for your wedding, let them know where the nearest accomodation is to save them the hassle. This will be greatly appreciated. Don’t forget to include all the important details such as their full address, telephone number, website link etc. You could even include the price and any promotional / discount codes. 

6. Things to do 

It’s a good idea to include things to do in and around the accomodation you’ve chosen for your guests to make their memories of your wedding weekend as enjoyable as possible. Why not include links to beautiful landmarks, museums, your favourite bars and restaurants. 

7. A registry 

You could use the opportunity of having a wedding website to display a gift list, after all, if there’s something you really want or need as husband and wife then you won’t want anyone to miss it. 

8. A Guestbook 

The great thing about having your guestbook online is that you can revisit it any time, anywhere! 

9. Photographs 

If you’ve had an engagement photoshoot, this is the perfect opportunity to display the photos for all your guests to see. 

10. A FAQ page 

To save you replying to countless messages aasking you the same things, why not incorporate a FAQ page where you can answer any questions the guests may have, such as ‘Are my children invited?’ Or ‘ What time does the venue serve alcohol till?’ 

11. A RSVP Section 

The issue with sending out save the dates and waiting for a reply in the post is that it takes time for you to know who can make it and there is a risk of some replies getting lost along the way. If you incorporate a RSVP section into your website, then you can get a reply instantly, giving you a better idea of numbers quicker and helping you crack on with planning your big day! 

So there you have it, a detailed list of all the things to incorporate into your wedding website. YOu can build a wedding website via sites such as wedding wire and the knot. Good luck guys and don’t forget to include the link to your site on your save the dates and invites! 

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