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Create The Ultimate Wedding Website

#1 Make It Personal

Add pictures to your wedding website. Choose ones that tell your love story through the years and give your readers little insights into you as a couple. Show them what has led you to this very special moment in your lives.
#2 Set The Scene
Let your readers know how you met and what has led you up to this point where you’re now tying the knot. You’ll be surprised how many people won’t know your story so set the scene and take your guests on your journey with you.
#3 Be A Helpful Source of Information
Customize your website with details of the wedding venue, directions on how to get there, nearby accommodation and any other specific information you think your guests may find useful, for example; where the toilets will be located! 
#4 Make It Interactive
This can easily be done by adding space for people to leave comments or ask questions. You can also ask them to complete polls so they can play a key part of your wedding day decisions. Not only will this get your guests excited on the run up to your big day but it’ll give them a valuable role in supporting you create your dream wedding.
#5 Make It Fun
Create a quiz and see how much your friends and family really know about you. This will create a barrel of laughs on the run up and during your big day.
#6 Give Your Guests Sneak Previews
Whether it be the food menu or wedding entertainment, update your website with sneak previews to build hype and excitement.

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