8 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Theme 

Before you even think about getting married, you’ll want to decide on your wedding theme. Your theme is going to dominate everything from the wedding centerpieces to the wedding dress so deciding on a theme is essential before making a purchase. If you’ve chosen a vintage theme, you’ll want a fifties tea dress, with vintage books and teapots embellishing your tables. Or if you opt for a bohemian theme, you’ll probably want an outdoorsy wedding with a flowing dress and bunting adorning the walls.

Not really sure where to start?

Don’t worry because we’ve come up with some top tips to help you find your perfect wedding theme. 

#1 Consider the season 

It’s unlikely you’ll opt for a Christmas theme in the height of summer so if you’re getting married where the weather is pretty much guaranteed, why not consider a festival or beach themed wedding?  

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#2 Look at yourself for inspiration 

Ask yourself what interests you and what are you fanatical about? Perhaps you’re the biggest Harry Potter fan, maybe you’re Disney obsessed or a fan of the fifties era. Whatever it is, why not incorporate something you love into your big day? 

unique wedding theme, personalised wedding theme

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#3 Look at your origin? 

Are you proud to be British or do you have italian heritage? Why not incorporate your family origin into your theme? You could throw a typically British wedding or even get married abroad in a quaint Italian villa surrounded by your nearest and dearest.  

british wedding theme, abroad wedding theme, italian wedding theme

#4 What hobbies do you have? 

Are you a traveller at heart or passionate about music? Why not have a globe for people to sign instead of a guest book? Or someone to play the harp and perhaps a choir instead of a wedding playlist. 

A Picnic In The Park Reception

#5 Are you a massive fan of a specific television show? 

Perhaps you were one of the 200,000 that stayed up till 2am recently to catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, then maybe a medieval castle wedding venue would be the perfect choice for you. Why not throw in a 5 tiered Game of thrones inspired wedding cake too!  

game of thrones wedding theme

#6 Take a look around your house 

The items you choose to display around your house might give you a little insight. Do you choose to display olde worldy items such as typewriters and old books or perhaps everything is modern and up to date, looking fresh and clean cut. Your wedding theme should be just like you. What’s more, if you have a few treasured items around your house which are very similar in style, you could even save yourself a few quid by displaying them as wedding centrepieces. 

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#7 Base your theme around your chosen wedding venue 

If you’ve chosen a castle wedding, then you could have a British princess themed wedding, or if you’re getting married in a field, maybe a bohemian theme would be more suited to you.

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#8 Base your theme around the items you must have at your wedding 

No doubt you’ve been scouring Pinterest from the moment you said yes! Well, chances are you will have found certain inspiration that you absolutely need to incorporate into your big day. If you are definitely going to have endless amount of candles, mason jars and fairy lights, why not add a few hay bales and a naked cake and opt for a rustic theme. 

Whatever you decide, I’m sure it’ll go down a treat with your guests! 

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