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Choosing The Grooms Attire

It’s finally time to give some attention to the grooms. After all, what the Groom wears, will likely serve to compliment your gorgeous dress and accessories. Your Husband to be will undoubtedly and understandably, have his own thoughts and preferences on what he wears and ladies … This is one part of the big day where your future husband should be allowed to have the most control. That said, we can still guide those choices a little right? ūüėȬ†Below, I have laid out a mix of quirky, individual, stylish and contemporary styles to suit just about everyone so encourage your fututre hubby to have a peek!

1. Bow Ties and Buttonholes¬†Injecting a little quirk can add a touch of individuality not to mention, makes great wedding day photos. This combination of a bright red bow tie coupled with a lovely, orange buttonhole flower, adds a splash of summery colour and style.¬†Quirky groomswear, grooms suit, alternative wedding suit, unique wedding suit, wedding attire,Even with a formal waistcoat, being brave with colour can really pay off and lift the whole effect of the look. This daisy style bow tie and flower combo is a real eye catcher.quirky wedding suit, wedding attire, alternative wedding suit, groomswear, grooms outfit2. Simply matching your tie with a pocket handkerchief can be really effective. If you want to keep the look simple and timeless, consider this finishing touch to bring the whole outfit together.groomswear, wedding suit, quirky wedding suit, alternative wedding suit, grooms outfit, wedding attire3. Is your hubby to be the type that looks for the hat or scarf to add a little eccentricity to his everyday look? If you’re after a look that stands out from the crowd, consider a mismatch in the jacket and trousers. A chino trouser with tweed style jacket is a sure way to express your individuality. Couple that with some braces and a cap and you have yourself one stylish and very individual groom.quirky wedding outfit, quirky wedding suit, alternative wedding suit, alternative grooms outfit, grooms attire, wedding attire, wedding suit4. This stunning three piece, chequered effect suit, with matching style shirt and an accent tie is reminiscent of a well dressed Italian gentleman. A very continental look with a mediterranean flavour. Very groomswear, smart wedding suit, smart wedding attire, groomswear, smart grooms outfit5. Choosing less conventional materials for the suit is sure to express a certain sense of style. There’s nothing wrong with your regular cotton suit but opting for wool or cashmere could give you¬†that edge to your look that sets you apart from the conventional look.alternative wedding suit, cotton wedding suit, colourful wedding suit, blue wedding suit, groomswear, wedding attire, grooms wedding outfit, quirky buttonholes6. Sharp lines, well defined cuffs and a fitted look is sure to create a smart, formal and modern look. This example demonstrates that a suit with clean lines is very effective. We love the buttonhole here too!smart groomswear, smart grooms outfit, grooms wedding attire, wedding outfit, wedding suit, buttonholes7. Here’s another buttonhole that bucks the usual trend in favour of a little individuality. The¬†Lavender really matches the tone of the suits cloth whilst¬†allowing the bow tie to still retain a little centre stage for itself. unique button holes, wedding bow tie, lavender buttonholes, grey wedding suit, smart wedding suit8. If it’s off to sunnier climates for your wedding, this sandy toned, lightweight cloth suit with similarly sandy accessories is one to consider. Dropping the jacket in favour of a lightweight waistcoat and short sleeve shirt keeps the look formal and comfortable.casual wedding suit, beach wedding suit, beach wedding attire, informal wedding suit, informal wedding attire, groomswear, grooms wedding suit, short sleeved wedding suit, beige wedding suit9. If it’s a Christmas wedding you’re having then choosing a heavy weight cloth for the suit with woody tones is a great idea. This will keep the groom warm and will also be in keeping with the season. The buttonhole and mulled wine coloured tie is a sure winner for a seasonal themed wedding suit, christmas buttonhole, pinecone buttonhole, christmas wedding, groomswear, wedding attire, waise coat, waist jacket, winter wedding attire, winter wedding suit10. This is a perfect example of colours being brought together for effect. The tie picks up the colours in the buttonhole and vice versa. They also perfectly compliment the tone of the suits material. Very green wedding tie, wedding buttonhole, grey wedding suit, groomswear, grooms wedding suit, grooms wedding outfit, grooms wedding attire11. We couldn’t complete our array of suggestions without giving thought to the wonderful, traditional, Scottish, kilt wedding attire. A very smart, very traditional and wonderfully impacting look.quirky wedding suits, groomsman, groomswear, grooms outfit, grooms suit, grooms attire, wedding kilt, scottish wedding outfit, how to wear a kilt at a wedding

So there you have it, ladies and gents, or should I say, brides and grooms! A huge variety of different materials, colours and styles to help ensure you choose the perfect wedding outfit. Why not opt for something quirky and original to help you stand out from the rest. Don’t forget, if we’ve inspired you¬†then¬†get in touch, we want to hear from you.

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