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Children’s Wedding Entertainment

It’s a great idea to have children attend your big day and the main reason for this is that a childs excitement and enthusiasm can set the tone for your big day and create a really fun and exciting atmosphere. Children are also a great talking point and so it may be a good way to get your guests interacting and laughing with one another. What you have to remember is that a tired, hungry and irritable child is very different to a happy and well fed one and that is why it’s so important to feed them regularly throughout the day and also keep them busy with lots of little things to do so they are less likely to get bored and complain. Of course, there’s the usual face painter and bouncy castle which work well to entertain children of all ages but if you’re looking for something that is inexpensive, fun and unique, why not try out these awesome entertainment ideas, they are bound to go down a treat with both children and adults!


1. Scavenger Hunt

Children love a good scavenger hunt and it can keep them entertained for hours. They will love ticking the items off their list as they go and they are so simple to create. You could simply write up the items on a word document, print to coloured paper and there you have it, a really simple and inexpensive way to keep the children happy and entertained.

2. Decorate Your Own Cake 

Again, it’s so important to keep the children entertained and well fed so why not combine the two and have them decorate their own cupcake.

3. Sparklers

Sparklers are great fun no matter how old you are, you’ll have to supervise the younger children as there is a small risk of being burnt but even if you have to hold the sparkler for them, they will still enjoy the magic of watching it glow.

4. Goody Bag

When I was a kid, the one thing I looked forward to when attending birthdays and other events was the goody bag you’d receive at the end of it. Why not channel your inner child and create fun packs filled with surprises. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of a brown paper bag filled with bubbles, colouring pages, crayons, stickers and then tied off with string. These goody bags will be a hit when it comes to entertaining the kids.

5. Milk & Cookies

Why not create excitement when it comes to feeding the children with a flavoured milk and cookies station.

6. Beach Themed Wedding

If you’re having a beach themed wedding, why not create a fun filled bucket to hand out to the children. Pack it with toys, colouring pencils and of course, a spade and they’ll be away to go.

7. Vintage Themed Wedding

If you’re having a vintage themed wedding, why not recreate a vintage fun fair with games to match. You can paint tin cans to match your colour scheme and watch the kids as they knock them down with a ball.

8. Fun Station

This may sound simple but kids enjoy things in their simplicity and so creating a kids area and filling it with hula hoops and other activities will keep them entertained throughout the day.

9. Glow Sticks

As the night draws in, children often feel tired so why not inject some colour and fun with these glowsticks. They are so inexpensive and yet so effective! Children will love them.

10. Bubbles

Bubbles are so inexpensive and yet so much fun. Children will love them!

11. Lawn Games

Games such as giant jenga, croquet, bocce, bean toss, horseshoes and ladder golf are a great idea for both children and adults and will be sure to go down a treat! Also, games like these make for awesome wedding photos. Your photographer can really capture the fun that’s been injected into your big day.

12. Building Blocks

A bowl filled with building blocks seems so simple and yet when placed on a table, it will keep the children entertained during the wedding speeches. You could even create little signs that say ‘Building our love brick by brick’ so it’s in keeping with your wedding.

13. Candyfloss Station

Again, this is a perfect idea for a vintage themed wedding. Both kids and adults will love this unique idea!

14. Giant Games

You can hire games like giant chess, connect 4 or scrabble for really cheap but you could save even more money by making your own scrabble peices by using old bits of cardboard and a marker pen.

15. Noughts & Crosses

Take the old classic of noughts and crosses and inject a little excitement by painting rocks as bees and ladybirds and using them in place of the traditional noughts and crosses. The children will love this new take on the old classic.

16. Make It Yourself

You’ll be amazed what you can make with a bit of wood, chicken wire, sticks and balls. The aim of the game is to remove the sticks from the chicken wire without the balls falling down. The person  with the least amount of balls wins!

17. Hopscotch With A Twist

Introduce something new to all the children with this unusual twist on the old classic game of hopscotch. Instead of the traditional numbers, replace them with actions like ‘Touch your toes,’ ‘Roar and stomp,’ and ‘Meow like a cat’ etc. All you need is some chalk and you can keep the kids entertained for ages!

So there you have it, 17 awesome and inexpensive ways to keep kids entertained at your wedding. Each one is bound to go down a treat so what’re you waiting for, with these easy ideas, you’ll be able to start planning your wedding entertainment straight away.

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