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10 Questions All Bridesmaids Will Ask

bridesmaids questions

When you ask your friends to be your bridesmaids, they will undoubtedly have questions. We have created a list to help you answer your Bridesmaids questions.

#1 Who are the other bridesmaids? 

First and foremost, the bridesmaids are going to want to know who else you’ve asked. No doubt, you’ll get to know the other bridesmaids closely over the next few months. Still, it’s a good idea to ask the bride to set up a group chat. That way you can really get to know them prior to any catch ups. 

#2 Why did you choose me? 

Your bridesmaid may want to know why you chose her over anyone else, make sure you have an answer ready. The last thing you want to do is stare into space thinking of all the reasons why. If it takes a while to answer, it may take the magic out of the moment. 

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#3 Do I need to pay for my dress? 

The bridesmaid usually pays for her own dress which can range anywhere between £60 to £200 excluding alterations. If you’re worried about exceeding your budget or spending too much, talk to the Bride in advance so she can be mindful when looking at dresses. There are also hire companies out there which may work out cheaper than buying your dress outright. 

#4 How much input should I have in the choice of dress? 

If you’re paying for your dress then typically you should have a say over what you buy however you should listen to the Bride’s ideas and vision and make small suggestions if you’re not happy with something. 

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#5 Can I choose my own shoes and accessories? 

Most brides will leave this up to you as they will want you to be comfortable but it’s a good idea to ask before you go buying anything. She may leave the choice up to you but want to determine the colour or heel height etc. 

#6 Do I have to attend everything? 

There could be a lot of things you’ll be expected to attend such as dress fittings, get togethers, the bridal shower and hen party but attending all these events can be tough so don’t feel bad if you have to skip something. The most important thing is that you’re there for the bride on the run up to her big day. If you can’t make one of the get togethers, communicate with the rest of the group on a group chat and see if there’s anything you can help with.  

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#Do I plan the hen party? 

Usually the Maid of Honor will take the lead on this but it’s the Bridesmaids job to offer support as planning a Hen party and pleasing everyone is a mammoth task. 

#8 Do I need to make a speech? 

Traditionally it’s the maid of honor that makes a speech but anything goes nowadays so you’ll want to double check with the Bride. 

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#9 Do I need to book accommodation? 

This is something you’ll also want to check with the Bride and if it’s needed, you’ll want to book way in advance as rooms fill up fast especially during wedding season! 

#10 What do I need to do on the big day? 

It’s the Bride’s job to run you through what is expected of you on the wedding day but basically, you’ll need to be there to support the bride from helping her to get dressed, calming her nerves, handing her tissues, you name it! You’ll be on hand to help.

We hope to have helped you answer all your bridesmaids questions and want to wish you the best of luck with the rest of your wedding planning!

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