Awesome Ideas For A Rustic Themed Wedding!

Here at Fund Your Wedding, we love the idea of a rustic themed wedding but some people find choosing the right venue to pull it off can sometimes be a challenge. We want you to know that you don’t have to have a barn wedding to achieve that rustic charm, in fact you can create a rustic look almost anywhere and we’re here to show you how …

1. Firstly you want to add bunting. Why? Because it instantly adds charm to your venue. In our opinion, the more bunting you have, the better!

2. We love these drink dispensers, you can fill them up with stunning cocktails or lemonade packed with fruit and what’s more, it will save you a fortune on a drinks package!

3. This traditional victoria sponge cake comes complete with homemade jam, fresh fruit and bunting that gives off a real rustic charm.

4. We love the idea of having hay bales for your guests to sit on. It creates a really laid back atmosphere making your guests instantly feel relaxed and allowing them to simply enjoy your big day.

5. The throwing of confetti is a tradition that dates back many years but these days you can throw pretty much anything like paper hearts, you can even set off party poppers or blow bubbles over the bride and groom. Stick with traditional petals to keep within the rustic theme.

6. Nowadays, there are many ways to create a space for your guests to leave their cards, keep it natural using wood or wicker baskets. Drape the box in bunting and add flowers, pearls or buttons if you want to add a pop of colour.

7. For the centrepieces, use old mason jars and wrap them in lace and twine for an instant rustic looking centrepiece.

8. Old crates were often used to carry milk or apples, give them a new lease of life by sanding them down and adding a variety of flowers in an array of different colours.

9. Ladders can be used to create stunning backdrops like this one.

10. Or if hung from the ceiling, they can be used to hang decorations from.

11. Photo booths are hugely popular and it’s easy to see why! They are so much fun! We love this rustic set up with the props being propped up in a mini hay bale.

12. Signage is very rustic but can also be lots of fun depending on what you dare to write. They can also make for great photo opportunities.

13. Chalk boards are inexpensive and a great way to add character and charm to your big day.

14. Sparklers are a great form of entertainment and very in keeping with the rustic theme.

15. Why not opt for a wedding cake made out of cheese. These look so tasty, your guests will love them.

16. For the wedding favours, why not send your guests home with homemade jam or honey. You can even make your own jam favors with this recipe.

17. Popcorn Kernals is another cute idea for wedding favours and will give the guests something to look forward to after your wedding too. Who doesn’t love making their own popcorn from scratch, right?

18. Display beers in a wheelbarrow filled with ice for your guests to enoy before the ceremony. Your guests will really appreciate it.

19. Instead of chair covers, tie twine like ribbon around your chairs to add some rustic charm.

20. Providing lots of candlelight can add to the magic of a rustic themed wedding but don’t get too close, we have known brides to get too close and their dress has gone up in flames, luckily, they were okay but their dress on the other hand … Let’s just say we can’t say the same for the dress.

21. Voils always make for a beautiful backdrop. You don’t need to have a barn to recreate this look and can hang voils almost anywhere!

22. For wedding entertainment, why not get your guests to pimp their own prosecco with this unique and fun idea.

23. And for the wedding games, why not get back to basics with a good game of pass the parcel. The parcels pictured below are available at £9.50 per parcel online at Wren’s Tea Party.

So there you have it, 23 awesome ideas to add rustic charm to your wedding day!

For more wedding favour ideas, click here.

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