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Amazing Wedding Pictures You’ll Want To Steal!

These adorable and funny wedding phoographs will make you wish you saw this article prior to your big day and if your wedding date is still around the corner, you’re in luck! You’ll want to steal a few of these!

1. Why not take a photo of you sharing your first kiss as husband and wife and have the kids shying away as if to say ‘Eww Gross!’ This photo is just so cute!

2. Why not incorporate your wedding ring and use it to frame you both as newlyweds. Perfect for Lord Of The Rings fans.

3. This is genuis and all you’ll need is a handful of helium baloons. This is quirky and fun and will add an element of humour to your wedding album.

4. If you’re going for a laid back, outdoors type of wedding, why not have some wellies and an umbrella on hand in case it’s overcast. We love the wedding dress and wellies!

5. Here at Fund Your Wedding, we love photos of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready together but why not awake your inner child and have a photo of you all jumping on the bed. This is bound to have you all laughing whilst getting ready and will also make for brilliant wedding photos.

6. And one for the grooms! Why not have the groomsmen sit on a wall and hoist up their trousers to reveal multicoloured socks! We love this quirky idea!

7. Or if you wanted to take it that one step further, why not have a photo taken of the groomsmen in personalised underwear.

8. A photo of the mums and their children. This photo is just so lovely and really captures the approval of the parents.

9. Why not throw some sparklers into the mix. These are inexpensive and yet so much fun and can create a fantastic atmosphere. Above all else, they make for amazing photo’s for you to treasure forever.

So there you go, some really funny photo ideas that will fill you with laughter each time you reach for the photo album. You’ll look back on these photos with great fondness so why not get creative, use a little imagination and create some truly unique shots that will have you and your guests grinning from ear to ear.

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