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Alternative Wedding Entertainment

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been thinking a lot recently about how on earth you’re going to entertain your guests on the biggest day of your life. You will have worked extremely hard on the run up to your wedding day to make sure everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can and you deserve to relax in the knowledge that all entertainment is taken care of, for guests young and old. That’s where it can get complicated. How do you choose the right form of entertainment that is suitable for everyone, whether it’s your hyperactive niece or nephew, your nimble Nannie or your grumpy uncle. A lot of people have the ability to choose a variety of entertainment to suit their guests, however, this can become very costly so what if you’re on a budget? Wouldn’t it be great to just choose one thing that everyone will enjoy? Check out our list of alternative entertainment that suits everyone!

1. A photo BoothThis is entertainment that certainly won’t disappoint. Its a great conversation starter and a great way to get everyone laughing and joking together. The best thing is that guests are usually allowed one print each to take home so you could even double this up as your favours, saving you money!

2. Balloons.

Why not get your guests to send balloons up to commemorate your special day. These moments are captured beautifully on camera., For additional entertainment, you can fill other balloons with treats for your guests. This will act as a nice little surprise for them throughout the day.

3. Sparklers

Why not add sparklers into the mix? These are inexpensive, harmless and everyone loves seeing what they can write in the air before they burn out. These can also make for awesome wedding photos! … Again, you can double these up as wedding favours, saving you even more money!

These are available from Not On The High Street

4. A Caricaturist

If you wanted to really save money and combine your entertainment with favours that your guests can take home, this is an amazing way to do it and it’s guaranteed to have your guests reminiscing for years to come. Some caricaturists can produce 8 – 20 caricatures per hour!!

(Photo from Mike C The Caricaturist)

5. A Bonfire

A bonfire is a great alternative to fireworks at a wedding. Fireworks are very costly and it can be very time consuming trying to arrange them all to go off in the correct order and at the right time. Dancing around a bonfire is a magical experience, especially for children and for the adults. It will get everyone within close proximity as they won’t want to be too far away from the warmth which is  great way to get all your guests intermingling.

Sometimes it’s good to remember that less is more and the little things are really what’s going to make a difference to your day so don’t stress about having to entertain your guests yourselves, take on board our alternative entertainment ideas, save lots of money in the process and enjoy your day knowing that your guests are having a thoroughly good time … Obviously!

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