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Alternative Wedding Bouquets

So you’ve found your wedding dress, booked the wedding venue and now it’s time to choose the flowers … Or not! Nowadays, anything goes so why not impress your guests with these alternative bridal bouquets! You may even find yourself saving money!

1. The Feather Bouquet

Who would have thought something so simple would look so amazing as a bridal bouquet. We love the different colours of each of these feathers.

2. The Map Bouquet

For the travellers out there, why not recycle an old map to create these stunning paper flowers.

3. The Button Bouquet

We think this button bouquet has a very vintage feel to it. Especially given the red polkadots. Available to purchase from Etsy.

4. The Single Flower Bouquet

Here at Fund Your Wedding, we love the single giant flower bouquets. These can be made out of paper and really make a statement in your wedding photos.

5. The Fan Bouquet

As a complete alternative to a bouquet and for that elegant and classy feel, why not give your bridesmaids a vintage fan for them to keep forever. Perfect for a summer wedding and for keeping your guests cool.

6. The Knitted Bouquet

We love this knitted bridal bouquet and the best thing is that you can keep these forever to remember your special day. Available to purchase from handmade by Simply Special.

7. The Wheat Bouquet

We love this alternative bouquet made out of wheat. Perfect for an autumnal themed wedding to mark the end of the harvest.

8. The Edible Bouquet

This is one of our favourites! A bouquet made out of cupcakes!! Why not double up your bouquet with the wedding cake. Use it to walk down the aisle then watch everyone devour it once your done! We absolutely love this idea! They look so convincing too!

9. The Butterfly Bouquet

This is a great idea for a summer wedding! There’s something really magical about this wedding bouquet.

10. The Brooch Bouquet

A bouquet made from brooches is so classy and vintage and would suit almost any theme!

11. The Paper Bouquet

Last but certainly not least, this bouquet made from recycled books is so simple, yet so effective. This bouquet lends itself to a vintage or rustic themed wedding!

So there you have it, be inspired and wow your guests with these stunning alternative bridal bouquets For ‘Alternative Wedding Cakes’ click here.

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