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Adding Glitz & Glamour!

Adding glitter to any old object can immediately make something look glamourous and if you’re on a budget, this is an amazing way to upcycle old glasses, vases, cake stands, the list really is endless! But hey, why stop there! Have you ever heard of a thing called edible glitter? Yes, it’s true! There is such a thing! So why not incorporate glitter into your theme, from the dress, to the decorations, to the food! We love these edible glittered donuts!!

Why not add glitter through beautiful sequinned bridesmaid dresses. These will definitely add a bit of sparkle to your big day and your bridesmaids will be sure to feel a million dollars!

What beats a traditional wedding cake?

A wedding cake covered in glitter, of course!

This will certainly go down a treat with your wedding guests!

You can incorporate glitter into almost anything but we particularly love these glittered table numbers giving your tables a touch of elegance! Your guests certainly won’t miss where they’re sitting!

These handmade glittered glasses look amazing with whatever you use them for but propping flowers up in them or filling them with water and adding floating candles creates a really sophisticated look.

Bunting is a popular wedding decoration amongst brides because it adds so much and can be put up so easily but this sequinned bunting takes bunting to a whole new level …

Why not upcycle old or recycled shoes by gluing the heel and then dipping it into glitter. The quick transformation is just incredible and really adds another dimension to your wedding attire.

If you’re less of the arts and crafts type, why not buy a glittered table cloth like this one and just add it to your tables to really make the venue that extra bit glamorous.

We love the effect of these bottles dipped in glue then glitter. If you really want to celebrate in style, this is definitely worth the effort.

These place name cards looks so elegant and glamorous, it will look as if you’ve spent a fortune when really, you’d have just dipped the card into glitter.

Recycled mason jars look amazing with whatever you decide to do with them. You can wrap them in lace or twine and ribbon but we think dipping them in glitter really makes them stand out!

If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need to worry about buying mason jars or tablecloths, why not go for a walk and collect leaves to dip in glitter or if it’s the wrong time of year, cut a leaf shape out of paper and cover the whole thing in glitter … No one will ever know!

Depending on the time of year, you could even find some pinecones on your ventures, these are so effective dipped in glitter. If you have enough time, why not collect them way in advance, they’ll keep forever if you look after them. Why not keep them on the mantlepiece after your big day to remind you of all those happy memories.

These glittered tree stumps look amazing when used as centrepieces.

You can tie lots of these glittered feathers to string and have them hanging down as a back drop for perfect photos. They really are so simple, yet so effective.

Don’t forget every wedding starts with an invite so keep with the theme and make sure you buy or make invitations that  compliment what you are trying to create.

So there you have it, if you’re on a budget, upcycling old bits and pieces using glitter is an amazing way to create a truly elegant and expensive look without the price tag so get yourself some glue and some glitter and upcycle till your hearts content. It’s having to stop you’ll have trouble with! To see our blog ‘about Alternative Wedding Cakes’ click here. Like us on Facebook for even more wedding inspiration.

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