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Add Edible Flowers To Your Wedding

1. Let’s start with the most important one  

The Cocktails! For many people, alcohol will play a key role in setting the tone for their big day. Whether it’s champagne on arrival, prosecco during the toast or wine at the reception, whatever it is, you can add gorgeous edible flowers to the glasses to prettify your alcoholic beverages. 

2. Freeze them 

Alternatively, you can freeze small edible flowers into ice cubes which is sure to pretty up the drinks and get your guests talking. Try to get your photographer to take snaps of these miniscule details because it’s these tiny details that will make your wedding that extra bit special. 

3. Give them to your guests as favors 

With many people now making their own wedding favours from scratch, why not make your own homemade jam out of rose petals or package rose petals with a recipe for rose petal ice cream. Alternatively, you could top biscuits with edible flowers to give your wedding favours a vibrant twist. 

4. Add colour to your desert table 

If the wedding favours are too much hassle for you, why not sprinkle edible flowers over your desert table instead. If your doughnut tower is looking a bit dull, sprinkle edible flowers over it to give it a splash of colour and class. 

5. Garnish your mains 

This may be something your chosen venue will already incorporate but if you’ve arranged your own wedding caterer, why not purchase a variety of edible flowers and ask them to garnish each dish before serving. I’m sure they’d have no problem doing this.  

6. Incorporate them into your cake 

This is probably the easiest way to incorporate edible flowers into your wedding. Whether you opt for real flowers (which are edible of course!) or sugar flowers, it’s bound to go down a treat with your guests. 

7. And lastly a list of all the flowers you can eat 

NOTE: If you have asthma or severe allergies, take caution when eating edible flowers and try a small amount before adding to recipes. Always speak with a professional before experimenting. 

Flowers you can eat: (Although you should double check with a professional before using them) 

Roses, Calendula, Carnation, Pansy, Sunflower, Viola, Borage, Nasturtium, elderflower, hibiscus and Lavender (Although lavender is very strong so only small quantities need to be used.) 

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