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A Perfectly Pink & Ombre Wedding

Colour schemes can initially seem like an easy decision to make. Yeah sure, I’ll put orange and blue together … Well, actually that doesn’t go … Okay, so what about … Hmmm … What colours are there again?! Yup, we’ve all been there. Exactly what colours go well together? We’ve decided to give you an example to get you started and what better than the pink and ombre look. The colours are a beautiful marriage, forgive the pun! When you get it right, the effect is truly amazing. Take a peek and see what you think.

1. This beautiful flower wall combines a striking but subtle pink with an authentic white flower to create a beautiful contrast that stands out. Not only does this make a great backdrop but the colour combination adds a calming ambient tone which we love. This will get even the groom swooning.

2. Now chair covers and sashes should all be the same colour right? There’s nothing wrong with that but you won’t create an ombre effect without stepping outside of your comfort zone. Chair covers and sashes that gradually fade from strong pink to wedding white look absolutely stunning. The combinations of shades work extremely well together and offer a rainbow of pinks to really add a striking dimension to the ceremony room.

3. Bring the theme to your bouquet with this gorgeous culmination of pinks. Striking and deep pinks clustered with lighter pink flowers and offset with some neutral white flowers will keep the theme consistent and tie the whole look in together.

4. We mentioned in one of our previous blogs about colour being brought into the wedding dresses this year so we’ve dropped this little number into the mix. This dress is stunning in cut and style and the underlying, light pink layer is subtle but noticeable enough to continue the pink and ombre theme and trend.

5. It doesn’t stop with the wedding dress. Here, we can demonstrate that not all bridesmaids need to wear the same dress. Why not dress your bridesmaids in different shades to create a gorgeous effect that will add a new dimension to the overall look and indeed the photos too! We love this idea.

6. Then there’s the delicious wedding cake. Who says that white royal icing is the right choice? It’s time to get with the programme, themes can carry right the way through your day and break the old fashioned traditions in favour of a stylish look. This cake showered with an array of multi shade pink roses is a stylish, elegant and attractive centrepiece and one that will grab your guests attention and fit with the overall theme of the day.

7. In keeping with the theme of food, why not create a macaroon centrepiece? The choice of colours with macaroons is endless so you are free to create whatever look and style that fits with the key colour schemes you’ve adopted for your big day.

8. You can incorporate pink ombre into any aspect of your wedding from balloons, to decor to backdrops, you name it! Watch as everything comes together and the pinks go from striking and deep to subtle and soft. A feast for the eyes to behold.

We’re not saying that pink and ombre is the way to go this year, there are so many colour combinations available to you that the choice is endless. With a little thought and imagination and getting the colour combinations right, you can use the ideas above as inspiration for ways in which to incorporate your theme into your big day. Be original, be bold, be brave and above all else, have fun!

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