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A Garden Tea Party

Wedding costs can quickly escalate but if you’re trying to cut back, why not think about hosting your very own garden party from home. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to transform a basic green lawn to something truly magical, giving you and your guests plenty of beautiful photo opportunities for the wedding album. If you don’t have a lot of space, don’t panic! Ask friends and family members if they would be happy to host the garden party, a lot of people would be over the moon to play such a big part on your special day, after all, you will remember these favours with a smile for many years to come.

1.  Convert your shed into a bar

It requires minimul effort to convert a shed. All you need is a day to empty it out, a sturdy surface and there you have it, you’ve got yourself a bar! We’ll cheers to that!

2.  Make your own cocktails

Here at Fund Your Wedding, we love the idea of these stunning drink dispensers. They look amazing and you can get really creative with the colours, even matching the cocktails with your chosen colour scheme.

3.  Add bunting

Bunting adds a whole different dimention to your chosen venue and what’s more, it comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles.

4.  Home made signs

Why not add a touch of colour by making your own signs. Your guests will appreciate some guidance, for example, knowing where the bride and groom will be seated or where the toilets are etc. They are a really fun way to guide your guests and leave subtle hints so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

5.  Picnic baskets

Pack your guests a picnic basket and instead of a wedding breakfast or evening buffet, throw down a couple of blankets and have your guests interact over a picnic. This is a sure fire way to start up conversation amongst your guests.


6.  Make it comfortable

Now that you’ve thrown down some blankets for your guests to sit on, why not go the extra mile and add some colourful cushions, beanbags and maybe even some haybales? You can actually hire hay bales for around £5 per bale and it’s a great way to add that rustic feel to your wedding reception.

7.  Utilise your space

Utilise as much space as you possibly can. Hang coloured lanterns from trees, criss cross bunting from the fencing and create a wish tree. Ask your guests to write down their words of wisdom onto little tags and hang them on planted tree for you to read through later. This makes for great photo’s and not only that, the tags are a beautiful keepsake to remember your special day.

8.   Play games

Set games and tasks for your guests to keep them entertained. You can make these games as crazy as you dare but the main thing is to remember to have loads of fun doing it.

9. Light candles

When the light starts to fade, make sure you have candles scattered all around as this really helps to set the mood and will create great lighting for any evening photos.

10. Provide throws

Hosting a garden party for your reception means that some guests may not have come prepared and as the sun goes down, your guests get cold. Pre empt that this may happen and provide throws to keep them snug and warm. Your guests will really appreciate your kind gesture.

11. Provide Entertainment

Entertainment comes in a variety of ways, simple things like popping balloons for prizes, setting off fireworks to lighting sparklers will entertain your guests and so for this, the list really is endless.

If you’re thinking about hosting your very own garden party, these pointers will help you take it by storm! Sometimes its all about getting back to basics and if you’re looking for a laid back, rustic feel, this is definitely an option for you! Remember, if you host a garden party, we want to be the first to hear about it!

For more inspiration, check out our blog on ‘making your own cocktails’ by clicking here.

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