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7 Winter Wedding Mistakes To Avoid

winter wedding

Planning a wedding at such a magical and festive time of year is just amazing! But with so much to think about from weather, food and comfort, it’s difficult ensuring your day runs smoothly. We’ve compiled a list of winter wedding mistakes to avoid at all cost!

#1 Thinking It’ll Cost Less

Winter wedding venues were certainly a lot cheaper than their summer counterparts but with winter weddings on the increase so is the venue fees. Not to mention the hotels, flights and flowers all tend to be more expensive during the winter months.

#2 Things Are Out Of Season

You may have an idea of how you want  your bouquet to look but many things are out of season during Winter. That doesn’t mean you can’t have them but they’ll be a lot more expensive to source.

#3 Not Having A Seasonal Wedding Dress

Whilst sweetheart bodices and long trains are all the rage, it can prove to be a bit of a nightmare during the winter months. You don’t want to be cold on your wedding day so a sleeved dress would be a good shout. Long trains are stunning and whilst you might have plenty of bridesmaids on hand to help you out, when it comes to your outside wedding photos, it may get absolutely ruined. You need to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk.

#4 Pack An Extra Pair of Shoes

Make sure you pack a pair of shoes that will stand up to the elements. Your white suede’s are probably going to get ruined in minutes.

#5 Not Providing Your Bridesmaids With Jackets

Bridesmaid dresses commonly have thin straps or come strapless. If you’re bridesmaids are dressed in spaghetti straps, they’ll be cold and won’t enjoy the day. Make sure you provide them with matching jackets. This way they won’t freeze whilst waiting for the wedding photos to be done.

#6 Thinking Your Guests Will Be Prepared

If people are cold, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they won’t be having a good time. Provide blankets or throws as wedding favours. That way, if someone does forget their coat, they can still wrap up and enjoy the ceremony.

#7 Booking Separate Venues

Whilst it’s nice to have two separate venues for the ceremony and reception, in the cold winter months, it’s probably nicer and easier to just move from one room to another. There’s less chance of your guests getting lost, getting wet or even having their cars breaking down. We all know what the cold can do to car batteries.

#8 Not Having A Back Up Plan

Even if your ceremony is taking place indoors, you’ll still have the smokers and socialisers who want to venture out for some fresh air. Winter brings with it all sorts of weather so make sure you have a back up plan for your adventurous guests. Hire a marquee for them to hang about and socialise in. Hang some lighting and heating and they’ll be away to go.

#9 Leaving Out Winter Wedding Essentials

This is so important yet rarely considered. You’ll be ushered in out of the cold to the warmth of the wedding aisle and with this sudden change in temperature can come running noses. Make sure you have tissues on hand for these uninvited mishaps.

#10 Not Embracing Comfort Foods & Drinks

The winter season is all about comfort food. Entice your guests inside with a mulled wine or cider.

#11 Not Purchasing Wedding Insurance

A winter wedding lends itself to needing wedding insurance. A bit of cover won’t go amiss if the worst was to happen. For example, last years unexpected snow fall in the UK disrupted many weddings across the country with many couples having to cancel their weddings altogether!

#12 Getting Married Too Late

The majority of weddings take place during the day but there are a fair few who opt to tie the knot a little later. Keep in mind that it does get darker a lot earlier in the winter months so doing a first look allows your photographer to capture you both in all your daylight beauty before the sun goes down.

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