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7 Ways To Have A Charitable Wedding

1. Browse your local charity shops 

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a second hand wedding dress, collecting vintage items for table centerpieces or just looking to decorate your venue using old recycled books, whatever it is, a charity shop is the best place for you to be. It may not sound like the most glamorous experience and granted, you won’t receive champagne on arrival but many charity shops nowadays are dedicated to providing wedding dresses that are in pristine or near new condition. Think about it, a bride only wears her wedding dress once, it’s usually professionally cleaned and preserved in a box or bag. Find charity stores that concentrate solely on selling wedding dresses and you might just be pleasantly surprised. Alternatively, you can obtain old books that you can recycle into beautiful centerpieces, table runners or venue decorations. 

2. Make your bridal shower a charitable occasion 

When it comes to your bridal shower, why not arrange a charity night in with games, raffles and silly prizes. You can donate all profits to charity whilst still getting everyone together to celebrate the fact you are getting married. 

3. Choose charitable favors 

Do you have a particular charity in mind? Many charities offer a wedding service where you can purchase charitable wedding favors to hand out to your guests. 

4. Swap gifts for donations 

Many years ago, people only moved in together after they were married and so it was common that they needed toasters, kettles and cutlery sets. These days, people already live together prior to getting married so if there’s nothing you need, why not ask your guests to provide a donation to a charitable cause instead. 

5. Donate your dress to charity 

Once you’ve tied the knot, you’ll never have a reason to wear your wedding dress again (sadly!) So instead of leaving it up the attic to gather dust, why not donate it to a charity of your choice. There are charities out there such as Cherished Gowns that specifically turn your wedding dresses into angelic outfits for stillborn babies. If nothing else, it’ll make you feel good for contributing to such an incredible cause. 

6. Donate your flowers to charity 

So much time goes in to creating beautiful bouquets and centerpieces so it’s a shame to simply throw them away once the day is over. Why not do your research beforehand and see if there are any care homes, hospices or hospitals that could see other people getting enjoyment from your wedding flowers. 

7. Combine your honeymoon with doing something charitable 

Whether you’re jetting off to Asia, Europe or the tropical pacific islands, many places are in need of charitable help so why not contribute a little something whilst you’re visiting. Whether you offer financial or physical assistance, it will leave you both with happy memories following your honeymoon. 

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