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6 Ways You Can Personalize Your Wedding Bouquet 

1. Have a home-grown bouquet 

For those of you who don’t mind a bit of gardening, why not grow your own wedding flowers! Using flowers and foliage that you have personally watered, watched grow and tended to makes the bouquet and centerpieces even more special. You’ll want to really consider this option through before giving it a go. If you’re anything like me that has a tendency to over water, neglect or generally kill every plant I’ve ever had the responsibility of looking after, then you might want to leave it to the professionals! 

2. Include Your Family History 

If you’re family originates from England or your father who can’t be there to walk you down the aisle was Welsh then why not include that in your bouquet to make it really personal to you. For example, including an English Rose or a Welsh daffodil will keep your family history alive and remind you of your past that led you to this moment where you say ‘I Do.’ 

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3. Incorporate your something borrowed 

If you’ve borrowed an old heirloom to bring you luck such as a piece of jewellry or a broach then ask your florist to incorporate it into your wedding flowers. 

4. Remember loved ones 

If there is someone who can no longer be at your wedding, obtain something of theirs such as a locket or charm and add it to your bouquet before you finish off tying your wedding bouquet. This is a beautiful way to remember your loved ones and have a piece of them with you as you walk down the aisle. 

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5. Incorporate Your Name 

If your name is Lilly, Rose, Poppy or Daisy then including the same flowers as your name into your bouquet is a fantastic way to add a bit of individuality and personality to your wedding. David Austin also has a range of stunning roses available that have names such as Charlotte, Grace and Vanessa. Do they happen to be your name? Incorporate them into your big day! Not your name? Browse his selection and see if there’s something more suitable for you? One thing is guaranteed, you will have a truly stunning wedding bouquet.  

6. Incorporate Your Initials 

If you just want a stunning and eloquent bouquet without the fuss of growing your own flowers or gathering heirlooms, then simply asking your wedding florist to incorporate your initials into your wedding bouquet is a really lovely way to make it truly personal and 100% bespoke to you. 

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