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5 Things Every Bridesmaid Must Do

We’ve written countless blogs to give bridesmaids an idea of what they should be doing on the morning of the wedding but it’s all in terms of supporting the bride and making she is okay. What about you lovely bridesmaids though? For you to be able to look after the bride, it’s crucial that you look after yourselves first so these tips will help you to feel prepared on the wedding morning and will ensure you feel good all day. 

#1 Have Breakfast 

In the hustle of bustle of helping the bride to get ready, it’s important that you remember to have some breakfast. This will give you energy that you’re going to need. 

#2 Keep hydrated 

Make sure you drink plenty of water so that keep yourself hydrated. Not only will this keep you feeling good all day, it will keep you fuller for longer whilst you’re running around helping the bride and it will aid your hangover in the morning. 

#3 Charge your phone 

As a bridesmaid, it’s likely you’ll need to use your phone on the wedding morning. Whether that’s to take photos or ring the groomsmen to make sure everything is running smoothly on their end. 

#4 Get pampered 

Alright, it’s the Brides day but you’re playing a huge part in it and it’s only fair you should enjoy a pamper session too, whether that’s doing your nails or having your hair and make-up done. Make sure you take some time out to relax too! 

#5 Go to the bathroom 

After keeping yourself hydrated, make sure you use the bathroom before you leave for the ceremony. You don’t want to be concentrating more on not peeing yourself as the bride walks down the aisle. 

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