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Wedding Signs You’ll Love

Handmade wedding signs are a perfect way to add that personal touch to your big day. They add a sense of humour, help guests interact with one another and even create a really happy and fun environment. They are so easy to recreate. All you need is a chalkboard, some chalk and a steady hand! Or for a more rustic feel, why not use some wood and some paint.

Here at Fund Your Wedding, we’re starting with one of our favourites! This sign is a sure fire way to get your guests laughing and interacting. It could even make for a great photo opportunity either for you and your bridesmaids or for the groom and the best men. Something you will be able to treasure forever.

Wedding signs can say a lot about your personality and character and they can also set the tone for your big day. A sign like this one gives the expectation that there is going to be a party and so it helps your guests get into the party mood. Also, when they’ve partied perhaps a little too much, it points people in the right direction if they can’t remember … Hiccup!

Sometimes, you need to remember that there is beauty in simpler designs. Propped up on an easel and decorated with flowers, you can create true elegance at it’s best.

This is a sign to get your guests giggling. They’ll hardly be able to contain themselves throughout the meal, they’ll be too busy looking forward to busting a move on the dancefloor.

Why not match your favours accordingly? For example, you could find out your guests shoe size prior to your big day and offer them a basket of flip flops with a sign ‘If your feet are sore, grab a pair and dance some more!’ Pure brilliance! You’ll have your guests dancing away until the early hours.

Who doesn’t love sparklers? These are bound to go down a treat with your guests. Let your guests know what they’re all about with a simple sign. Your guests will know to be outside at 9pm making your day run smoothly and leaving you to relax and enjoy.

Why not display a ‘Wedding this way’ sign. A lot of venues are out in the countryside amidst stunning natural beauty but the satnavs that get you there are temperamental to say the least. A lot of satnavs give up at the last minute, telling you you’ve arrived when your still on the road, it’s so frustrating! A sign pointing your guests in the right direction will be massively appreciated. It makes arriving to your venue a lot less stressful.

Some people will have a perfectly working camera on them, whether it’s on their phone or a camera but many will forget to snap away at your big day, preferring to drink in the atmosphere. A subtle sign like this one, prompts them to take photo’s, helping you to create the perfect wedding album!

Why not do away with a table plan and have a sign like this one, it will definitely take the stress off you as writing up a table plan can be surprisingly stressful. Let your guests decide where they want to sit. They’ll probably be happier doing it this way anyhow.

If you’re thinking about having a bonfire at your big day to keep your guests warm and toasty, this is a sign sure to add humour around the camp fire!

We all want to remember our loved ones on our special day so why not have a subtle sign commemorating them.

Why not have some Dancefloor Rules. Here at Fund Your Wedding, we adore this sign, it sets the mood, makes people laugh and encourages outrageous dancing. What could be better?

Why not leave signs encouraging your guests to do the things you’d like them to do, such as sign a guestbook or leave their cards in a particular location. Your guests will also appreciate a bit of guidance as no one would want to miss something as important as writing in your guest book. Make it stand out, after all, these are the memories you will cherish forever.

These made us laugh so much, they just had to be included and guess what? If we’re laughing, your guests are sure to find this funny also and as an added bonus, it makes for a really cute photo!

So there you have it, wedding signs that are loved by all. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some chalk, some wood and anything else you can get your hands on and create signs until your hearts content.  For more wedding inspiration, check out our ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ blog by clicking here. Like us on Facebook for even more wedding inspiration.

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