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15 Hacks Every Bride Should Know 

#1 Set up a wedding email address 

Set up a separate email address so you can contact wedding suppliers. Not only will this separate all your wedding related emails from your personal or work emails but also, when you’re a bride to be, you tend to subscribe to a lot of newsletters in order to get wedding inspiration but when you’re married you’ll want to unsubscribe to them all which takes up time and energy. By having a separate wedding account, you can just walk away from it once you’ve tied the knot. Why not give the login details to your other half too so everything wedding related is in one place and you can both access it when you need to. 

#2 Notify your bank straight away 

Planning a wedding can result in you suddenly withdrawing high amounts of cash. Notify your bank in advance to prevent them thinking there’s anything fraudulent going on as you run the risk of your account being frozen which is a stress you don’t need when planning a wedding. 

#3 Choose your perfume wisely 

Getting married abroad? Why not use a perfume that doubles up as an insect repellent. There is such a thing!  

#4 Sew your bra into your dress 

Enlist the help of a professional seamstress to sew your underwear into your dress. Not only will this avoid any mishaps of your underwear being on show but your other half will thank you later (if you know what I mean!) 

#5 Invest in heel stoppers 

These little gems stop you from sinking in the mud for those all important wedding photos. 

#6 Sandpaper your soles 

Most wedding shoes are brand-new, therefore rubbing the bottom of them with sandpaper helps you to avoid slipping. 

#7 Invest in veil weights 

If you’re getting married outside, this nifty little trick will help to weigh down your veil to prevent it flying everywhere during the wedding ceremony. This will ensure you’re looking your best in your wedding photos. 

#8 Incorporate a wedding hashtag 

This is the easiest way to encourage your wedding guests to share their photos. Usually the hashtag is a play on the couples names or a creative phrase. Once you’ve come up with a suitable hashtag, you want to incorporate it everywhere … On the save the dates, the order of service and on any handmade signs to remind your guests to take and share lots of pictures. 

#9 Invest in a personalized address stamp 

We can’t stress this enough. To avoid serious hand pains, invest in a personalized address stamp when it comes to doing your RSVP envelopes. Honestly, you will thank us! 

#10 Opt for programs that double up as fans 

If you’re having a summer wedding, get creative with the orders of service so that they double as fans to help keep your guests cool. 

#11 Got a static issue? 

Occasionally your dress will become static which can be very frustrating! If this happens to you, run a metal clothes hanger over it and the static will disappear. Alternatively, hang your dress from a personalized metal hanger to avoid this issue. 

#12 Re open an envelope without anyone knowing 

All too often, we seal an envelope without including everything we intended to. It can be so frustrating especially when (as a bride) you have hundreds of envelopes to write but instead of tearing it open and having to start again, pop your envelope into a freezer bag and freeze it for approximately two hours. Then, if you go slow, you can slide it open, amend your error and reseal it without anyone knowing! 

#13 Use a glue stick to seal envelopes 

This means no paper cuts or horrible aftertaste. It’s also more hygienic for your guests when they come to open them. 

#14 Use post it notes 

When writing up your table plan, use post it notes before writing up the real thing. This will allow you to move people around easily until your happy with where everyone is sat. 

#15 Buy copies of your wedding certificate straight away 

You’ll need copies of these straight away for changing your name on official documents such as driving licenses and passports etc. 

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