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11 Roles To Give Your Friends On Your Wedding Day

If you’ve got many friends who you’d like to be a part of your big day but you’ve already selected your list of bridesmaids, don’t fear! We’ve compiled a list of alternative ways you can ask them to be a part of your wedding party! 

1. Ask them to give a reading at the ceremony 

If they don’t mind being in the spotlight, this is the perfect way for you to incorporate them into your big day. Not only will they deliver a thoughtful speech but this will create long lasting memories for years to come. 

2. Ask them to provide entertainment 

If someone you know is an amazing guitarist or singer, then why not ask them to play a part in the wedding entertainment. 

3. Ask them to provide other services 

If your friend isn’t quite the entertainer but enjoys baking or making things, why not ask them to make your wedding cake or make your centerpieces. I’m sure they would be honored to play such a special role at your wedding. 

4. Ask them to welcome guests 

As your guests arrive, why not ask your friend to greet them and help them find where they’ll be seated. Not only will this create some order when people are finding their seats but it’s also a great way for people to meet one another before they’ve even sat down! 

5. Ask them to look out for people 

If you have guests attending that don’t have a plus one, ask your friend to look out for them and make sure they are okay. 

6. Ask them to be the ring bearer 

Whatever you do, make sure you choose a reliable person for this role. After all, you wouldn’t want them to go missing when you come to say your vows. 

7. Ask them to promote the guestbook 

More often than not, guests are so busy at the sweet table or with the photo booth, they forget to sign the guestbook, which is an essential part of remembering your day. Ask your friend to promote it so that every person attending your wedding gets chance to sign it. 

8. Ask them to hand out confetti 

Instead of just displaying your confetti cones neatly on the side, why not do something completely original and ask your friend to hand the confetti out, for example, I once attended a wedding where we were handed a single rose and we had to break off the petals to throw over the bride. The guests loved it! 

9. Why not raise a toast to them directly 

If you have someone special in mind who you didn’t ask to be a part of your big day, why not mention them during a toast to acknowledge their friendship. This is likely to mean a lot to the other party. 

10. Ask them to join you on the dance floor 

For the friends you didn’t ask to play a part in your big day, why not ask them onto the dancefloor and you can take the time to have a laugh with just your friends. 

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