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10 Ways To Remember Loved Ones On Your Big Day

Today is the National Day of Mourning and here at FYW, we know how hard getting married can be in the absence of a loved one. As such, we have come up with 10 beautiful ways to incorporate your loved ones so that they are still very much included in your big day.

#1 Incorporate an item that they cherished

For example, if your Grandad had an old pocket watch that he carried everywhere with him for years, why not give it to your Groom as a gift to get him to the church on time and have it play a major role on your special day.

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#2 Wear a photo locket close to your heart

Place a much loved photograph within a locket and wear it close to your heart as you walk down the aisle. You’ll feel much better knowing that your loved one is there with you in spirit.

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#3 Incorporate something of theirs into your wedding attire

Whether it be an old brooch, a photograph or a family heirloom, have it sewn into your wedding dress or attached to your wedding bouquet. Perhaps think about whether the bouquet toss is something you want to do though first. If it is, perhaps opt for having something sewn into your dress instead so you have a piece of them with you as you walk down the aisle.

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#4 Set up a memory table

Why not display their photo next to your wedding guestbook so you can ensure that person is not going to be forgotten on your wedding day. Alternatively or in addition, you could light candles or a lantern in their honor.

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#5 Keep their seat free

Keep a seat free for them during the wedding ceremony, place a framed photo of them on the chair and rest knowing that they are there with you in spirit.

#6 Mention them in the wedding program

If the previous point isn’t workable with the amount of wedding guests you have attending, you could create a feature within the wedding program instead to ensure they are remembered.

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#7 Incorporate their favourite flowers into your wedding florals

If your Grandmothers favourite flower was a rose or an orchid, why not incorporate them into your floral displays so you are reminded of them as you walk down the aisle.

#8 Wear a piece of their jewelry

If your loved one had a piece of jewelry that they insisted on wearing on special occassions, it may be worth taking it out of it’s box to grace the aisle with.

#9 Toast them with their favorite beverage

During the wedding speeches, why not make sure everyone is handed a particular beverage and you can make a toast to them using their favorite drink of choice. Let’s just hope they weren’t a fan of tequila!

#10 serve their signature dish as part of your wedding meal

If your Grandmother always insisted on making you her special dish using a secret recipe, speak to your wedding vendors about incorporating it into your big day. Even if it was spaghetti bolognaise she loved making, it’s a great way to incorporate them into your wedding day choices.

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