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10 Signs You’re Marrying Mr Right!

1. You love spending time together 

This is fundamentally the most important thing. If you love spending time with your other half and can talk until the early hours without getting bored, chances are you’ve found someone who’s near perfect. Of course, life can sometimes get in the way but keep an element of your lives separate so that you always have something to talk about. This will keep the relationship alive.  

2. They always cheer you up 

If your other half can make you smile when you’re feeling low and always knows how to cheer you up then he’s a keeper! Especially if he offers a warm hug, a relaxing massage or to run you a bath. 

3. You feel happy in your own skin 

Don’t get me wrong, we all have insecurities but if your other half makes you feel like the most beautiful girl on earth despite them, then chances are you’re marrying the right one. 

4. They love you at your worst 

He’s held your hair back whilst you’ve been throwing up and witnessed you crying like a little baby but he still loves you and wants to marry you.  

5. They’re your biggest cheerleader 

No matter what you choose to do, your other half is always there spurring you on and encouraging you to do your best 

6. You can’t live without them 

It’s healthy to spend some time apart and not to be completely reliant on each other. It’s better to have good relationships outside your relationship with friends and family but if you can’t imagine life without them then that constitutes a very good reason to get married.  

7. You see an exciting future 

Whether it involves running a business, having children or being a husband and wife, if you can picture an incredible future with your other half then chances are it will be just that … Incredible! 

8. You know them like no other 

You know their highs, their lows, their embarrassing stories and what makes them tick. 

9. You have the same goals and values 

Sharing the same values and principles and wanting the same things out of life means you’re always working together to create the desired outcome. Working together and experiencing the highs and lows that life has to offer will only make you stronger as a couple. 

10. You both know when to apologize 

As much as we all dream of a happy ending, we’re only human and we’ll always find things to disagree over or argue about, whether it’s over something trivial or a full blown argument, if you can talk through your disagreements, work together to find a solution and learn to apologize when you’re in the wrong, you’re likely to stand the test of time. 

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