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10 Ideas That’ll Please Grandparents

If you’re planning to have an older generation of wedding guests attending, you’ll want to make sure they’re as happy as they possibly can be so they can truly enjoy the excitement of your big day. You can do this by following our tips and advice:

#1 Check if the venue is easily accessible

Ask your chosen wedding venue prior to booking how far the parking is from the entrance and whether or not there is a lift up to the reception hall?

#2 Make sure you use a microphone during the speeches

The older generations are often hard of hearing so make sure they enjoy the speeches and can hear every word by providing speech makers with a microphone each.

#3 Sit them close to the front

In addition to that, you could also sit them nearer to the front so they can see and hear everything that’s going on and really feel like they’re part of your big day.

#4 Make sure there are plenty of places to sit

Wedding days are long and most people are on their feet whether it be waiting for the wedding breakfast or dancing the night away on the dance floor so make sure there’s plenty of spaces to sit down should your grandparents get tired and need a rest.

#5 Make sure seating is comfortable 

If the chairs provided are hard, consider providing your own cushions so older guests can sit comfortably.

#6 Know The Weather Forecast

If rain is expected, make sure your ushers are on hand to assist the elder generation from the car to the venue because the last thing you want is for your Nan to take a fall or your Grandad to be soaked to the bone. Make sure the venue is warm and that their heating is on so that guests can quickly warm up once inside or alternatively, if you’re getting married in the height of summer, make sure you provide hand hand fans and drinks to keep your guests cool.

#7 Provide suitable food and drink

Although sugar almond favours are nice, it may be that the older generation find them difficult to eat so consider them when choosing your wedding favours and any other food and drink you provide, for example, jagerbombs may go down well with all your friends but I can’t see your 84 year old Gran downing a shot, can you?

#8 Include their favourite songs in your wedding playlist

Include a couple of their favourite songs in your wedding playlist, not only will this go down well with the older generation but everyone loves a blast from the past and the dance floor will fill up in no time.

#9 Give them buttonholes or corsages

This is simple and inexpensive yet would mean the world to them that you thought about them when deciding key elements of your big day.

#10 Include them in wedding traditions 

For your something old, why not decorate your venue with old photos of you and them, taken throughout the years. Surprise them with it on your big day and tell them how much they mean to you. They will be so overjoyed that you took the time to include them in your wedding like that.

Ultimately, you want all your guests to be happy and why not start from the top!

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