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Are Weekend or Weekday Weddings Best?

weekday weddings

Any witting bride who wants to save cash may already have identified that weekday weddings cost less. A lot less! But up pop the inevitable questions that put some people off … Will my guests be able to take the day off? Nobody will be able to drink if they’re working the following day? A weekend just feels right for a wedding!

Okay, now let me ask you this …

Are all your guests Monday to Friday, 9-5 people? You’ll probably have friends and family working in hospitality, retail, travel, the forces and the medical field. Yes, that’s right! All these people work weekends!

Now let me ask you another question …

Have you ever had to book a couple of days holiday for a friends weekend wedding? Chances are you have! It’s a fairly obvious bet that whether you marry mid week or on a weekend, a large proportion of your guests will be asking their boss for the day off. That coupled with the usual few months notice you give your guests of the big date means that everyone should be able to free up a couple of mid week days to see you take your vows. Weddings are one of the few events that most bosses are prepared to grant a little bit of flexibility. All you need to do is ensure you give plenty of notice, get all RSVP’s back in good time and pick a venue that makes getting your guests to attend a simple and easy affair.

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What Are The Benefits?

Most weekday weddings cost up to 50% less than their weekend counterparts! That’s a huge saving and when you really think about it, if your guests come from a range of working backgrounds, you’ll likely be asking no more of them.

If you can’t bring yourself to steer away from the weekend then maybe consider booking last minute. This isn’t like a last minute holiday where you book a few days before. Last minute weddings are very often weddings that are booked in the same year they are to be held. An example would be Craig Y Nos Castle which on the day I write this blog, has a £6983.70 wedding for £3000 for any date that’s left available!

That’s a massive saving!

Most couples will want a date more than a year in advance but if you’re prepared to hold your nerve for a late deal bargain, you could seriously cash in!

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Based on that offer, you could book a date that is six months away which is plenty of time to plan and prepare and yet you could stand to save a whopping 4k!

What I’ve highlighted in today’s blog is that you can have the venue of your dreams and pay a snippet of the price by being savvy when it comes to hosting your weekday weddings.

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